News: Dallas Cowboys' 2012 Draft Redo: A Look at Missed Opportunities

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    The Dallas Cowboys, like 31 other NFL teams, are preparing for the 2013 draft. So while management, the scouts and coaches sift through hours of film and volumes of notes, now would be a good time to measure the impact of the 2012 draft or lack of.

    The rule of thumb in NFL circles is that three years is a good barometer to properly evaluate a draft class. While that logic seems rational, sometimes a more critical and annual review is necessary. In the case of the Dallas Cowboys that review is necessary right now.

    We know that Morris Claiborne has all the makings of becoming a future All-Pro cornerback, but was giving up two draft picks worth the climb to get him? Preliminary, that answer would be yes, and all indications are that giving up that much to acquire him will be worth it in the long run.

    But what about the rest of the 2012 draft for the Dallas Cowboys? Putting aside the three-year moratorium period for judgment, was there enough impact? Were there enough contributions? Have any major contributors and potential starters been identified?

    There are some bright spots, some concerns, and many questions. Let's look at the 2012 draft class and see if we can determine which way the arrow is pointing, forecast the future and, most importantly, evaluate any missed opportunities.
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    Certainly the 2012 draft class based on their first season was underwhelming.

    That doesn't mean it will be underwhelming after 2013 or 2014.

    But at the moment it is what it is.
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    Dumb article, dumb premise, dumb site.
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    Um, why? It's necessary right now because...

    Incredibly stupid article.

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