Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft

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    Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft

    I'm going to get right in to on Christmas Day.

    On Offense: We are getting killed up the middle and it has been happening all year. Tony can step up make the pass. He has a good percentage of eluding the outside pass rush, plus we have better than average tackle with T. Smith and average with D. Free. Yes, they will switch them in the off season. We need to get young and beef it up on the line. Yes, we need a upgrade at center.

    We need to land one or two these offense lineman in the draft and sign one offensive lineman through free agency. I'm good with the choice B. Grubbs or C. Nicks. K. Kosier and M. Holland has to go. If we are not able to get the best center in the draft we need to beef up and get him stronger in our center during the off season. He (Costa) is too light.

    David DeCastro*, Stanford, OG (6-4, 304):*DeCastro is the complete package as an interior blocker. He is smart, tough and physical and possesses the athleticism to assimilate into any offensive system. When scouts closely examine the success of Stanford's running game, they will fall in love with DeCastro's superb play at the point of attack.

    Cordy Glenn, Georgia, G (6-5, 348):*Glenn is a mountain of man with extraordinary movement skills for his size. He ideally is suited to anchor the interior of the line at a guard spot, but has displayed versatility by playing left tackle for the Bulldogs. With big, physical blockers valued at a premium, Glenn is certain to attract significant attention in the pre-draft process.

    Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State, OG (6-5, 347):*A massive blocker with explosive strength and power. He has spent most of his collegiate career playing out of position at tackle, but his ability to maul defenders at the point of attack makes him an ideal fit at guard. While his inconsistent motor rates as a concern, his ability to win within tight quarters makes him a highly regarded guard prospect.

    On Defense: We need to convince J. Ratliff to move to Defensive End where he use his speed. He is getting worn down and don't have the weight to hold the point of attack or push the pocket back. I know J. Ratliff is a warrior and fight to the end, but we need a true Nose Tackle that do collapse the pocket and command double team so our linebackers can run and make plays. You put D. Ware and J. Ratliff on the same side and that opposing Quarterback will be shaking in his cleats.

    We need to let A. Spencer and K. Coleman go in the off season and draft one the Defensive Ends listed below. D. Ware is getting no help from A. Spencer. We need another threat on the other side. Then we draft a Nose Tackle later to give us that beef we need up front. We have to stop the run and rush the passer to be sucussfully on defense. I thought know if we have the Nose Tackle we need in J. Brent. He has the beef we need, but I just don't know. Yes, we need another corner to replace T. Newman and A. Ball. I'm not to confident in O. Scandrick. He is not really playing to his ability and new contract. So, we need to find at least one or two cornerbacks in the draft. The cornerbacks below are good at man coverage which is what we need since we have this all out blitz defensive plays.

    Melvin Ingram*, South Carolina, DE (6-2, 276):*Ingram is the most athletic and versatile defender on this list. He is a former high school running back with exceptional quickness and rush skills. He can play multiple spots along the front, which makes him an ideal fit in a 3-4 scheme.
    Andre Branch, Clemson, DE (6-4, 260):*Branch has shot to the top of the charts after emerging as one of the most dominant pass rushers in college football. His impressive combination of speed and quickness makes him nearly impossible to block in isolated matchups in space. Productive pass rushers are always valued at a premium, which justifies Branch's surge up draft boards across the league.
    Devon Still, Penn State, DT (6-4, 310):*As a rugged interior defender with size and strength, Still has the tools to be an anchor in the middle of the line. Although he is a little upright in his play, his natural strength and power makes him difficult to move off his spot. Given the importance of having a big, physical "three-technique" in the middle of a four-man front, Still is a highly regarded prospect.
    Dontari Poe, Memphis, DT (6-3, 330):*Poe is one of the strongest players in college football. He is immovable off the point and his ability to occupy multiple blockers without losing ground makes him an ideal "two-gap" player. With the proliferation of the 3-4 drastically increasing the value of nose tackles, Poe is certain to rise up charts around the league.

    Jonathan Banks*, Mississippi State, CB (6-1, 185):*Banks doesn't receive the national fanfare of his SEC brethren, but his game is certainly on par with his counterparts. He is silky smooth in coverage, displays exceptional ball awareness and is a legitimate playmaker in the clutch. Factor in his underrated blitz skills, and there is a lot to like about Banks' game.
    4. Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama, CB (5-9, 182):*Jenkins would possibly rank higher on the list, if not for his questionable decisions that led to his dismissal from Florida. He is an aggressive ball hawk with outstanding instincts and awareness. He is a capable of blanketing receivers in man or zone, and he shows an*Asante Samuel-like knack for getting his hands on the ball. With coaches and scouts enamored with adding playmakers to their respective rosters, Jenkins will generate heavy discussion in war rooms across the league despite his character concerns.
    Chase Minnifield, Virginia, CB (6-0, 185):*Minnifield's NFL bloodlines (father, Frank, earned Pro Bowl honors while playing for the Browns from 1984-92) certainly attracted the attention of scouts, but it has been his rock-solid game that has placed him prominently on this list. His penchant for getting his hands on the ball is due to his keen understanding of the nuances of the position. In addition, he plays with an aggressive demeanor that is reflected in his tenacious tackling on the perimeter. As coaches narrow the list of top corners on the board, Minnifield's consistent performance over his career will keep him near the top of the chart.

    I know we can't land all these or half these players in the draft because of their draft value. I would be very happy to land any of the players in the first three round of the draft and use the other draft picks for depth at linebacker because K. Brookings and B. James may not be on this team next year. I think after a full off season for B. Cater he will be in beast mode like S. Lee. Tell me what you guys think?
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    we NEED Vontaze Burfict LB out of Arizone St.........he is an absolute monster and would instill fear in opposing offenses. sure he has an attitude but bring him here and our MLB core would be fast, tough, and most importantly MEAN.
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    good post and well thought out

    many of us have been saying that we need to get stronger and meaner in the trenches

    my own plan has been:

    FA: (target good players at lower price positions)

    NT: Soliai
    OG: Nicks or Grubbs
    CB: mid range

    Draft: (target players at premuim positions)

    Rd 1: OLB: Ingram
    Rd 2: OC: Ben Jones, Mike Brewster
    Rd 3: CB

    my fear is that it is not just the players but that the ryan defensive scheme is flawed and leaves too many holes

    for people saying that rob needs to get a chance with better players, i say 2 things:

    1) he has never had a top defense in the NFL wherever he has been so all we are going on is faith and the reputation of his brother
    2) Rex has had several years to build his defense (and to get the players he wants) which has been roundly torched by several teams this year

    we may need a change in personnal and in scheme (DC) before it is all said and done
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    I say get the BPA.

    We need help at EVERY position.

    Beggars can't be choosers.
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    Again, a fine thread otherwise is derailed by the "Ratliff to DE" mindset, which only exists in the minds of a few fans.

    Ain't gonna happen.
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    Yes, you are absolutely right the scheme, but who will go first the DC and his scheme or the players?
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    Decastro is the second coming of Steve Hutchinson. He'll be a Pro Bowl guard for ten years.
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    the only people derailing this thread are the ones taking one thought, that they dont agree with, out of 100 in the post and highlighting it as if that is the entire substance of the post :rolleyes:
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    Get him the first round. Who will get in the second and third round?
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    With Stephen McGee's play i think we need a backup QB along with whatever we can get. Every position is draftable. Pick the highest rated player on your board regardless of position.
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    BPA no matter what is stupid. BPA at particular positions are the way to go. Sorry but we do not need another WR or TE or QB or T (right now high in the draft).

    Interior O line
    DE or OLB

    that is 5 different positions. In each of the first five rds we need to draft the BPA in that round at one of those positions.
    Those are the areas we need to go BPA at this draft.
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    I agree take BPA according to need
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    Reckonon you missed some of the words I used since I said it was a "Fine thread".

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