Dallas Cowboys 32 in 32 (youtube)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by STAR GAZER, Jul 16, 2010.


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    Thanks for posting this.

    Nice analysis from Wilcots who I usually don't care for.

    Romo is definitely not the reason why the team has yet to win a championship. In fact, they'd be dead without him.

    The other 'analyst' stayed up to his usual low standards.
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    Get him a defense? I thought we had a decent one of those...
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    The biggest concern coming into this season is how well the LB's cover in pass protection?


    Whatever you say Rod.

    If that's the biggest concern, hello super bowl.

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    Is there anyone more annoying the Woodson our Front 7 is somehow a weakness on defense now? :lmao2:

    Woodson is like a broken record, I bet you if they where talking about the Packers he'd be standing drooling over Rodgers. Romo is held to a different standard they only pull the playoffs things out when they're talking about him
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    Woodson, "At the end of the day, we're going to measure QBs based on what they do in the postseason."

    Nope, that's just the standard that Romo is held to.

    Nobody's mad at Aaron Rodgers for winning 6 games in his first year at the helm or for losing in his first and only playoff appearance @ Arizona. And yes, he played well in that Arizona game, but he blew it in OT by missing a wide open WR downfield on what would've been a winning TD (before taking the sack/fumble that ended the game). We'd still be hearing about it today if it were Romo who lost a playoff game in such a manner.

    Nobody questioned Drew Brees' ability to win in the playoffs last season, despite entering the season with all of ONE playoff victory under his belt. Now Romo enters THIS season with ONE playoff victory, but we're still hearing those idiotic criticisms.

    Matt Schaub, ditto. Never even been to the playoffs, which is clearly worse than getting there and losing. If Woodson's statement had any truth to it whatsoever, the media would be slamming Schaub and labeling him as a bum. But they don't. Incredibly, they put him up there with Romo. Some have him a little below Romo, some have him a little above Romo. But they have him up there with Romo, a QB who has won 38 of his 55 career regular season games and taken his team to the playoffs 3 times in 3.5 years at the helm.

    I understand why the media gives Romo crap... he's the QB of America's Team. He's marketable. It's a ratings bonanza. But Rod Woodson is full of crap in saying that all QBs are held to the same standard.
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    Not too bad of an analyisis given the participants.

    Dallas as 5th is ok too--I think the top 6-7 teams are almost interchangable so the Boys could easily be higher too. I'd prefer that we earn it anyway.
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    D-Ware, Jenkins, Ratliff, Spencer on D.

    2 all-pros
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    It'd be comical if not so predictable and sad.
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    Rod Woodson is clueless. Absolutely clueless. So he understands that Romo only had one interception, but has to "rise to the occassion?"

    How when he's looking at the stadium lights all night?
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    I do agree with Rod that our linebackers have to be better in coverage especially the inside backers.

    I think the other analyst showed how overrated our o-line is when Romo would've been sacked more than 34 times if he wasn't so athletic and good at avoiding pass rushers.

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