dallas cowboys # 5 on nfl network right now;...vid added

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    its one right now, 6:13 pm
  2. cowboyjoe

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    woodson says qb are measured how they play in postseason which is true

    one guys said, other guys have to step up besides romo, solomon i think

    another announcer mentioned troy, but solomon said, im not taking shot at aikman, like other announcer did

    bald head guy said dez has to help, woodson says dez should help, but roy has to live up to expectations,

    roy williams your getting paid, now produce one announcer said

    biggest concerns, defense stepping up in playoffs and post season, but 20th in pass defense, secondary is pretty solid, woodson called out brooking says he is detriment to passing game in coverage

    solomon said like cowboys didnt show up against giants in 2007, didnt show up in eagles in 2008, so when things are going good in dallas, its all from the neck up because when things get good thats when you better worry about cowboys,
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    Solomon get's it! Stop blaming Romo for everything. He's doing his part. And Austin did save Roy's butt. Rod however is a raging idiot. I love how he talks about QBs are judged by the post season (with nothing good to say about the team at all) but then he's one of the biggest Rogers tent-pitchers on TV.
  4. Fletch

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    Hey Woodson! How did your boy Rodgers do against Arizona last year? Oh yeah, Rodgers held on to the ball too long, began to fumble, and as the ball was coming out he kicks it right into Carlos Dansby's hands.

    Great job their Aaron. How come Tony gets blasted after that botched snap in Seattle, nearly turning the mishap into at least a first down before getting tackled just shy? And yet their's Aaron, the best QB in the league according to some, kicking the ball into the defender's bread basket for the game ending TD. Where's the unending hooplah over that?

    Total crap!
  5. jswalker1981

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  6. jswalker1981

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    Solomon Wilcots is NFLN's version of Trent Dilfer.

    Someone who actually watches football.
  7. 67CowboysFan

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    He was getting after Woodson on not having the facts straight during the top 5 pass rushers segment. :D
  8. BehindEnemyLinez

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    GB's image: down to earth, hard working, representing the everyman...
    DAL's image: flashy, $uccess is paid for not earned, elitist, arrogant...
    If they had taken completely opposite roads and we had A.R. & they had Tony think everyone would be fawning over Romo while still waiting on Rodgers to "prove himself"!!
  9. dcfanatic

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    Woodson and his hate for Cowboys is pretty funny. He knows it's there and he just keeps pushing along with it even though he knows it so obvious.

    Anyone who thinks Romo is the guy holding this team back from winning a Super Bowl is clueless.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    Maybe the only thing worse than the superficiality and sheer laziness of today's "analysts" are the staged arguments where two guys are scripted with two opposite viewpoints in every single show. It's so old.

    And what they said about Aikman is why I hate the liberalized passing rules of the last six or so years. Before long, every current QB worth a darn is going to be his team's leader in all the historical passing stats. Does that make them the best? No way.
  11. LeonDixson

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    That is the truth!:bow:
  12. Mansta54

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    Woodson is a complete IDIOT. He's embarrassing!!!
  13. ThreeSportStar80

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    I'm worried about the offensive line... Especially on the road in load hostile environments against playoff teams.
  14. pancakeman

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    No it's not! ;)
  15. Star4Ever

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    Except for the part about the Cowboys not showing up against the Giants in 2007. I really like Solomon, but that was a stupid and erroenous remark. Does he not know that the game went down to the final play? We lost, but saying we didn't show up was stupid.
  16. tko112204

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    We lost to the eventual Super Bowl champions. You can show up, and still lose.
  17. sonnyboy

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    With a ton of help from the officials. I said it once I said it a hundred times.

    If the roles were reversed and we got the calls they did and won as they did.....there would have been a congressional inquiry.

    But since we were the home fav, it all gets washed away. All you hear is "well they shoulda played better and not let it come down to a few bad calls".
  18. tomson75

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    I mentioned Woodson's idiocy in another thread yesterday. He's over-the-top anti-Romo. Not sure how much of it is real, and how much is prescribed antagonist material, but it's blatant and childish either way. I'm sure it feeds anti-cowboy (and simply stupid) people's desires nicely though.

    Anyone notice how Rod stumbles when he starts talking about our previous QB's....the only one he knows is Aikman. How in bloody hell can you be a hall of fame professional player turned "expert analyst", and not freaking know about Roger Staubach? The man's opinion is unqualified, to put it nicely.

    Wilcot, on the other hand, had no such problem.

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