Dallas Cowboys Confused About “Romo-Friendly” Offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Dallas Cowboys Confused About “Romo-Friendly” Offense
    by Jeric Griffin

    The term “Romo friendly” isn’t new, but it’s definitely being used more and more incorrectly these days. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones uses it in response to criticism that his head coach and offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, isn’t a good play-caller. If you’re familiar with Jones and the Cowboys at all, you know Jones often says silly things like this regarding failures by any of his personnel, including players and coaches. The fact of the matter is saying the Cowboys’ offense is friendly for quarterback Tony Romo could not be farther from the truth.

    Romo is the Cowboys’ quarterback, so a “Romo-friendly” offense would be one that makes things easy on the passer. Such a unit would protect the signal-caller and allow him to make quick, mostly easy decisions when reading defenses and throwing passes as well as keeping his arm healthy by utilizing the running game properly. Does any of this even remotely resemble the Cowboys’ offense? I didn’t think so.

    LINK TO REST OF ARTICLE: http://www.rantsports.com/nfl/2012/11/20/dallas-cowboys-confused-about-romo-friendly-offense/
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    Romo-friendly would include spending some cash and draft picks on the group of guys tasked with protecting him. We have a repositioned T. Smith and spares. Thanks Jerreh!
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    It does seem that the O is too predictable and often easily manipulated by the opposing Defense.

    Romo will check out of certain plays based on the look of the D. The D now dictates which play Romo calls, and knows immediately how to defend it.

    This reminds me of the Hutch - Joey Galloway days. Galloway was playing well, until he had 0 catches in the second half of the season. Why? Bruce Coslet's scheme made it simple for Defenses to dictate the hot WR. Just double cover Joey Galloway, and voila ... he's instantly out of the read.

    This is the same type of nonsense going on now. Defenses would give fake looks, and immediately know which play Romo is calling. This is a bad chess match. It's like fooling a little child.

    I don't have the answers. I'm tired of seeing Felix Jones getting crushed the moment he takes the hand off.

    Aside from the poor Offensive scheming, our personnel matchups are terrible. I just hope I'm not choking on my turkey tomorrow. :(
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    Good post.

    Seems to me that the offense is entirely too reactive. They don't appear to have unique game-plans but just go out with the attitude that they'll exploit what the defense gives them. It doesn't work when the defense knows your tendencies and what you'll do given a particular look.

    I understand the concept Garrett has, and it's not necessarily a bad one. But it's predictable and reactive, and without the exact right players doing the exact right thing all the time, it's going to fail.

    I much prefer game plans that are aggressive in nature. I don't think you can win (especially in sports) by being so reactionary.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Exactly right! It is one thing to exploit what the defense gives you but it is another thing entirely to allow the defense to dictate to you what plays you run.

    We are in reaction mode most of the time except when we run the hurry-up and you see that the results are completely different. We are now dictating to the defense what we are going to do and forcing THEM to react.

    Garrett is simply not a good play-caller, he never has been, but Jerry thinks he is and wants him to continue doing it.
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    It's a lack of personnel issue also. There's a reason why we're passing the ball 40+ times a game.

    Heck, if Troy threw for more than 30 times ... something was seriously wrong.

    Troy used to go 23-29 for 230 yards, and we'd win 35-17.

    These days, Tony Romo is going 45-60 for 350 yards, and we'd lose 23-13.

    Something is wrong with this picture. I know the NFL has turned into a passing league, but the disparity between run and pass is too great. If anything it should be 45/55 run/pass. Not 30/70 run/pass like we've been doing.

    The OL can't hold up the running game, so we abandon it. Romo does a pre-snap read and bails on the run .... or runs an obvious delayed draw. Either way, the Defense is ready for it.
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    Why don't we ever hear about Garrett and Romo sitting down talking offense like you hear with Brees and Payton,Brady and Belichick etc.
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    Garrett defenders no likey this one...
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    I thought Sturm's analysis pretty much blew this 'rant' out of the water.
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    I think you should all apply to be NFL playcallers.

    These teams would be stupid not to hire you.
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    You better make sure you eat Thanksgiving dinner with someone who knows the Heimlich maneouver.
  12. Gaede

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    Great point. I think I'll stop thinking things now.

    I'll just defer to the experts for the rest of my life. 'Cause they inherently know better than everyone.
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    2006 - we drafted a tackle and center
    2007 - we drafted 2 tackles
    2009 - we drafted a tackle
    2010 - we drafted a tackle
    2011 - we drafted a tackle, guard and center
    2012 - we picked up multiple guards in free agency plus a ton of offensive free agents not drafted.

    Since 2006, we've drafted 9 offensive linemen, not including the undrafted free agents, and free agent pickups.

    I don't feel like doing too much research, but the cowboys have gone through at least 20+ offensive linemen since 2006. Jones is trying, not very good at it, but he's trying.

    AT some point, Romo has to forget about that and do his thing. Same goes for Garrett, receivers, etc.
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    Why? They both basically say the same thing, something we all knew all along: that many games, especially lately, are pretty much on the shoulders of Romo to win or lose while playing on a team that couldn't possibly make it any more difficult for him. The only difference is the rant is calling Jerry out.

    What Griffin said is basically a copy of Archer's article yesterday which also makes the above observations but also reveals how ironic the difference is in what the Cowboys wanted most compared to what they presently have, and both are critical of Jerry Jones. It's ultimately his responsibility to make sure that "everything they do maximizes Romo's abilities" (Jerry's words). Yet Romo is having one of the worst, if not THE worst, years of his career, and the only offensive lineman we've acquired in the past 3 years or so who we're pretty sure about is Tryon Smith.
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    how many of those picks were rds 1-3?
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    He's supposed to "forget" that every time he takes a snap there is someone in the backfield to elude? Or "forget" that he has an incompetent running game that leaves all of the burden of moving the offense on his shoulders?

    Sometimes he does "forget" that he has receivers that don't know how to run their routes, and then Peanut Tillman waltzes into the endzone on a Pick 6 because someone blew a route adjustment.

    Someday soon, Romo is going to "forget" he played for the Dallas Cowboys, and we're all going to be very sad.
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    Or maybe put in at least half the work they do to get to the level they're at before you start pretending you could do a better job than them. Just a thought.
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    Tony is running for his life allot, but still make dumb choices at times , with protection. This oline is the worst weve had in a long time. If we could get our oline to average we could make a little noise in dec/jan. Atleast start parnell over free. What could it hurt. Parnell can get beat like rug as good as free:D , and can atleast handle bullrushers.
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    So I need to have multiple years of experience coaching at the professional level so that I'm allowed to post my opinions on a message board?
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    For your opinion to mean anything at all, sure.

    That's not limited to message boards, either.

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