Dallas Cowboys Could Expedite Success by Trading DeMarcus Ware

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Gotcha. Again, as a I prefaced, I love the guy and he is an impact player. BUT if people are critical of the D down the stretch in games and he is part of that D, then maybe there is a way to parlay him into multiple pieces that give us some depth and make the D more well rounded. I, personally, don't remember him making alot of plays in the 4th but your above post shows I could be wrong.
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    King Dunlap absolutely sucks.

    King Dunlap owned Demarcus Ware last week on all but a couple plays.

    Just sayin.
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    What I think happens is we get into close games a lot and we're begging for the defense to make a stop fairly regularly. Ware makes more of those plays than anybody else, but there are still plenty of times where we're all sitting there saying 'come on, Ware, strip-fumble,' and it doesn't happen. Those are the times people remember.

    Then that becomes the impression people have when it's just not accurate. The same thing happens to Tony Romo who's widely considered 'streaky' or a 'choker' but who regularly gets the team in position to win.

    By and large, there are always a variety of things that cause mediocre teams to get beat when games are close enough to come down to a play or two. That's not unique to Dallas. My own opinion is that it's the turnovers that keep the games close enough to come down to a play or two in a lot of those cases, and that when you don't have those, you end up with the win more often than not. Though there are multiple causes for the turnovers.
  4. Clove

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    If you're blowing up the team, I'd do it.
  5. M'Kevon

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    Well, some of us have learned that a once in a lifetime trade is . . . well, once in a lifetime.

    Please point out the team that believes it is one OLB away from a SB, with a GM that is willing (and stupid) to sacrifice multiple years of draft choices. For said OLB.
  6. cowboyeric8

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    Exactly there brainiac. We would still have Demarcus Ware with the cap hit of keeping him. Cutting him it's like paying for a Demarcus Ware but having him benched.
  7. RXP

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    I stopped reading when he said the team needs help at inside LB.

    What they needs is health at inside LB.
  8. neosapien23

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    There are two current cowboy players that deserve to retire as Cowboys. Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware are franchise players. They have started since their rookie years and both have played when others would have sat. Even if Dallas could trade Ware, which it can't, he deserves to finish his career out with Dallas.
  9. Dallas

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    The fan bloggers posting this tripe on CBZ. You wonder why it is here in the Fan Zone and not in the News Zone. That is because it isn't NEWS worthy.

    "Hey come look at my crazy idea I wrote about." Givce me some hits, yo!

    You just have to lol @ these stunts.
  10. cowboyeric8

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    And people here eat it up.
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    That could be true. But when it comes down to it, the NFL is a business. The Dallas Cowboys are a business. They have to do whatever they can to make the team better. Peyton Manning got cut this off-season. Brett Favre was let go. Bruce Smith got cut by the Bills. These are 3 players that devoted their entire career to the same team, just like you say Witten and Ware have and they didn't spend their entire careers with the team that drafted them. Why? Because the front office made a business decision to move on without them despite the fact that they were/are HOFers.
  12. Cowboy Brian

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    If the right offer came you do it.
  13. respectdatstar

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    Quick clarification. I realized after the fact, but Favre was not drafted by the Packers. Just wanted to be accurate.
  14. Ultimategamer5567

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    Can he get a 1st, 2nd and 6th-round pick? Then, and only then, would I even consider trading Demarcus Ware. Period.
  15. Wood

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    I absolutely would trade Romo before Ware because the team can still be successful inspite of Ware not being a leader. On flip side...the team has zero chance ever advancing deep in playoffs if you don't have authentic leadership from QB.
  16. ghst187

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    exactly! The only player on an NFL team these days that you can't live without is a franchise QB. Everyone else is expendable. The players around guys like Roth, Eli, Brady, Peyton, and Brees in a lot of cases has been mostly average and expendable changing regularly but nearly every year they're right in the thick of the playoffs bc of quality QB play and a good coaching staff.
    Additionally, with the salary cap and contracts they way they are these days..you can't afford to pay up out of loyalty, you can't overpay a franchise QB (see Denver this year), and everyone else is expendable
  17. Andrei Kostitsyn

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    Why would we take a cap hit by trading a player? Doesn't the other team now take that hit?
  18. Bigdog24

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    Not even then, Im not a big fan of DWARE but make no bones about it he is the real McCoy. It would take a MIN of 2 First Rounders just to entertain the thought of a trade....I could see teams like the Patriots, NYJets, Seattle or even Atlanta might be interested...but I think he will be a Cowboy for life. The owner Jerry Jones will never part with him even though the GM Jerry Jones should listen to offers.

    But the BIDDING starts with 2 First rounders period.
  19. fishspill

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    My concern is the decision makers' use of these extra picks likely won't return the value of the individual you gave up. I have little faith in their talent evaluation.
  20. Eskimo

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    These are our first rounders since 2002:

    Roy Williams (multiple Pro Bowls)
    Terence Newman (two Pro Bowls)
    DeMarcus Ware (multiiple All-Pros)
    Marcus Spears (role player, starter)
    Bobbie Carpenter (bust)
    Anthony Spencer (very good role player)
    Felix Jones (dumb pick but good player who then got the injury bug)
    Mike Jenkins (top flight cover corner who messed up his shoulder in 2011, Pro Bowl)
    Dez Bryant (about to make first Pro Bowl)
    Tyron Smith (? future Pro Bowler, arguably should have been his rookie year)
    Morris Claiborne (? future Pro Bowler)

    So we have 4 players who have made the Pro Bowl, 1 who probably will this year for the first time and 2 guys who look like they've got a shot at becoming one. We got one pure bust and another dumb pick of a good player who developed new injury problems. We found two role players. I bet if you look around the league not many have done better than this.

    I really think it is the 2nd round and 3rd round where we have been weak. We have done pretty well in the first and 4th-7th round overall.

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