Dallas Cowboys Defense Has Folded When Games Have Mattered Most

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 27, 2012.

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    the injuries are one thing. It's the lack of quality depth after those injuries that hurts the team.

    Some teams can lose tons of guys and still perform. I dunno what's up with Dallas in tht regard.
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    If you can't see how good Ratliff was when he was in games, I really don't value your opinion of football very much. Nor would any NFL defensive coach.
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    I agree with the extremely poor drafting. The Cowboys evaluation process is broken in several areas -- the main one is offensive lineman. They are horrible in the draft and not much better in FA.

    In spite of this glaring weakness, if they want to improve overall as a team in the next few years they must fix the offensive line. That means spending higher picks and more of them on this position.
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    Yes, a stud D-Lineman will really take this defense to a whole new level. Even if we were not able to upgrade at safety, a solid NT would likely result in more third and longs. And with Lee and Carter in the middle, I'd love that.

    A stud NT that can collapse a pocket as well as be dominant versus the run, and we're looking at a top 5 unit.
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    Quoting this just because it's graphically cool.
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    The defense starts off looking pretty good almost every season and gets worse as the season goes on. This season has been no different this is the time of the year when the cracks start appearing.

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