Dallas Cowboys draft series: Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias

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    Dallas Cowboys draft series: Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias
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    Calvin Watkins E-mail News tips

    Size: 6-0, 204 pounds

    Combine 40-yard dash time: 4.50


    Very strong route runner who is not afraid to go over the middle. Iglesias does an excellent job at run after the catch and understands down and distance better than most receivers. Is quick in terms of getting in and out of routes and scouts have said he's very smart.


    He's not very strong and doesn't possess elite speed. Iglesias is labeled as a possession receiver until he's able to demonstrate the ability to beat NFL cornerbacks deep. He's not good at breaking tackles and getting through a jam at the line of scrimmage.


    He visited the Cowboys and they liked his personality and his ability to pick up defenses. However, there are questions. Is he faster than Sam Hurd or Miles Austin? No, but that doesn't mean he can't contribute as a fourth receiver. His lack of speed, though he's very quick, limits what the team can do with him in their deep passing attack. Yet Iglesias knows how to get open and that's important.


    Here's a nice little feature from the Austin American-Statesman

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