Dallas Cowboys Greats Recall Their Favorite Texas Stadium Memories & Moments

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    Dallas Cowboys Greats Recall Their Favorite Texas Stadium Memories & Moments


    A new book (Remembering Texas Stadium) from legendary Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson and longtime Dallas sportswriter Frank Luksa offers fans an insider's look at tales from some of the team's most celebrated superstars and outstanding personalities.


    PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 21, 2008 – Legendary Dallas Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson and longtime Dallas sportswriter Frank Luksa have teamed up to co-author Remembering Texas Stadium, an insider’s look back at the fondest memories of Texas Stadium in a compilation of tales from some of the team’s most celebrated superstars and outstanding personalities.

    In the words of such superstars as Randy White, Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett and others, Remembering Texas Stadium (Zone Press, hardback, 200 pages) gives fans a fun and fascinating glimpse into what it was like to come out of the tunnel, walk onto the field and play in the Cowboys’ hallowed home—the stadium know for its unique hole in the roof.

    Randy White remembers the intense heat that greeted him in his first late-summer preseason game there. Bob Lilly can’t forget the awkwardness of playing without a shoe during a goal line stance in the team’s first game there. And Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson recalls simply being overwhelmed by the mammoth surroundings of his rookie debut there.

    "There" is Texas Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys have called home for 38 seasons and have enjoyed a run that saw them capture five Super Bowl Championships, hundreds of victories and, of course, memories too numerous to count. Now, the stadium is about to close its doors, making all those memories even more cherished and worth retelling.

    Remembering Texas Stadium gives Cowboys fans a chance to relive many of the great moments and memories as told by the legendary players who actually lived them.

    Remembering Texas Stadium is published by Zone Press, an imprint of Rogers Publishing & Consulting, Inc. More information about ordering copies of Remembering Texas Stadium and other Zone Press titles is available at: www.ZonePress.com.

    About the authors: A former All-Pro wide receiver for the Cowboys, Drew Pearson played in three Super Bowls, helping Dallas win Super Bowl XII. A longtime Dallas newspaper sportswriter, Frank Luksa, has covered the Cowboys since their inception and throughout their 38-year history playing at Texas Stadium.


    Upon release, complimentary copies for review will be available upon request. Please contact Randy Cummings at Zone Press by email at randy@zonepress.com or by writing to: Zone Press, 201 North Austin, Denton, TX 76201. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Luksa are available for interviews and arrangements can be made by contacting Zone Press in writing or via email at randy@zonepress.com

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    About Zone Press: Zone Press is a book publishing imprint of Rogers Publishing and Consulting, Inc. We are both a self-publishing and traditional publisher, with more than 35 titles from 30 authors since 2001. We focus primarily on helping new, first-time authors achieve their goals of publishing their work in the such genres as novels, memoirs, self-help and non-fiction.

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