News: Dallas Cowboys May Have Tampa 2 Safety Already On Their Roster

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 20, 2013.

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    When the Dallas Cowboys brought in Monte Kiffin as their defensive coordinator last week, there was plenty of speculation on if the Cowboys had the defensive players needed to make the transition to his 4-3 Tampa 2 scheme. Most of the talk has centered around questions about how DeMarcus Ware and the other Cowboys linebackers’ fit into the defense. However, looking more into Kiffin’s scheme there are other positions that have questions that need to be answered in order to make the Tampa 2 work. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy spoke about the three positions that were needed in order to make the defense work; a defensive tackle that creates havoc inside, a weak side linebacker that can make plays and a versatile safety that can play in the box, as well as the speed to cover. The Cowboys, I believe, have the first two covered but maybe the most difficult position to fill is safety.

    Looking at the Cowboys roster, the two starters currently at safety are Barry Church and Gerald Sensabaugh, and although good players, I don’t think either one is the answer in Kiffin’s system. I like Church and look forward to him being a solid player on the Cowboys for years to come, but they still need a better safety in coverage. This leads to the thought the Cowboys need to continue to look into drafting the versatile safety they’ve been missing since Darren Woodson retired. Or maybe that player is already on the roster.

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    wow, if you would have said that I NEVER would have opened the thread. I hope the kid works out: you have NO idea how much I hope he can stay healthy. However, he's shown NO ability to do so............NONE and until he does he doesn't exist to me.
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    I didn't write the thread and there was intention to deceive. Yeah, we know nothing about Matt but it is very unusual for a team to keep an injured player that long without putting them on IR. Whether that means anything is to be determined. But it's an interesting observation which means more than a little and less than a lot.
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    Matt Johnson is my favorite Safety on this team...hope he pans out....Matt and Church 2013
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    For some reason, I liked the pick of Matt Johnson at the time....he seemed to play FS naturally. Coming in with big hits and ballhawking type of play.

    hope this was just a freakish injury and has a big time FS career with the Boys. Haven't had one of those in a long time.
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    4th round is a bit of a crap shoot. Those guys usually take awhile to come around and someone posted that less than 10% become regular starters in the end.

    I hope the kid turns out okay but his lack of durability for a player not even in full practices is mind boggling.

    They drafted him for a reason and they allegedly liked what they saw when he got a bit of time on the field so we might as well just continue and give him another season. I would not however suggest we go into the season with him as anything more than the #4 safety on the roster.
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    Its hard to have any faith in Matt Johnson when he injures every part of body before playing in a actual game and he is supposed to be a hard hitting safety!!
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    Do you think the coaching staff views safety as a need? They've groomed Church for years and he finally seemed to be coming into his own. Also, they spent a rather high-ish pic for Johnson and he hasn't gotten a chance to prove himself yet. I wouldn't be surprised if they feel they're set at safety.
  9. McLovin

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    I cant see anymore than Reed Doughty 2.0.

    Did anyone confirm ANY other team had him NEAR the 4th round? He wasn't projected to be drafted at all from the major draft sites
  10. Cowboys22

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    There was an article shortly after the draft that said they got a tip overnight that New England was giving him serious consideration with a late 4th rounder. That article stated that at least one team called them after the pick to say they just picked their guy.
  11. 187beatdown

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    I would love to see him play but he's always been hurt.
  12. Holdenteller67

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    Really? Based on what?
  13. thebigeasy88

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    College career, video highlights, character & work ethic.
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    Lack of options?:confused:
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    I can't believe how much love this kid gets. He was always hurt with some nagging injury and never played a down. I just don't see all the "hype" he gets. As one poster pointed out almost all major draft sites had him going un drafted. So Dallas gets a tip that NE might draft him and they panicked on a developmental player and spent a 4th rd pick on him? What a joke. Could have used that pick on a player that could actually play.
  16. JohnsKey19

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    The chances are greater this guy is never heard from again after training camp than him becoming a serviceable NFL player. He's on the roster so he still has a chance. But it would be risky, to say the least, for the Cowboys to expect much from this guy. They obviously really like his potential, so we'll see...
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    I'm courious to see what the kid can do too. I think its silly to blame him for the injuries. All the Church love, and as soon as he won a starting job and got a new contract. He promtly gets hurt and is out for the year. where is his hate.
  18. McLovin

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    The only player who has not made a bad play in a game
  19. CowboyStar88

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    If you are gonna hate on Church you might want to get your info correct. He got hurt and then they gave him the contract. But go ahead and hate on Church.
  20. cbow44

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    If you think Im hateing on Church, reading comprehension iss not your stong suit. Im simply asking why all the Johnson hate and Curch love, when both are out hurt.

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