News: Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line: Who Do You Keep?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Jan 16, 2013.

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    It is the time of year when the thoughts of all NFL fans (whose teams are not still alive in the playoffs) turn to who they want to see taken in the draft or what free agents they hope will be enticed to come to their team. For Dallas Cowboys followers the last few years, this has included a good deal of obsession about getting some help for a woefully under-performing offensive line. We develop pet cats (I say that in a generic sense, the concept of "pet cat" no longer having any applicability to me in any shape, form, or fashion), concoct strange blackmail schemes involving Jerry Jones and copious amounts of alcohol, and mostly just hope and pray that the team invests heavily in this foundation for all aspects of the offensive game.

    And then cruel reality intrudes. The Cowboys currently have six draft picks. Six. (The seventh round pick was traded to the Miami Dolphins.) And that is with needs along the D line, safety, RB, and it wouldn't hurt to consider a developmental QB plus some wide receiver depth. The team is only going to be able to do so much with the draft. Cap concerns make free agency an unlikely alternative.

    That means that the foundation for the offensive line of 2013 is going to be constructed using the roster of 2012. It cannot be avoided. Hiding under your bed with your blankie is not going to change that rather ugly fact.
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    If dallas fixes one thing this offseaon it needs to the oline. Nothing else matters at this point. Garretts system has allot of slow developing plays that need good onlineman to be able to hold up longer on passing plays. We are practically non exsistant in the running game 31st out of 32 teams and the 2nd worst in Dallas Cowboy HISTORY. Our QB , tony Romo performs better when we can run the ball, and all the pressure isnt on his shoulders. I wonder what Romo would do when he isnt scrambling for his life all the time. If we sign our exact team from 2012 and drafted 6 olineman ( which wont happen but for the sake of argument) we would add 3 wins be in the playoffs with a shot at a superbowl. You can talk about Cordinator changes, the pistol offense, scrableing qbs, whatever. In the end it's Just Football, and , those who win the trench wars win championships.

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