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Dallas Cowboys opponents 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    Cowboys' 2013 opponents: Packers, Vikings, Rams, Broncos, Raiders home. At Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, San Diego.

    Dan Graziano‏@espn_nfceast
  2. canters

    canters Well-Known Member

    2,577 Messages
    571 Likes Received
    we cannot get rid of the Saints!!!
  3. tupperware

    tupperware A Plastic Container

    7,269 Messages
    93 Likes Received
    lol, looks like we're going to get crushed.
  4. perrykemp

    perrykemp Well-Known Member

    9,840 Messages
    6,086 Likes Received
    I'll call it right now.


  5. DBOY3141

    DBOY3141 Well-Known Member

    5,393 Messages
    2,263 Likes Received
    half the injuries this year and a little bit better OL.....9-7 to 10-6.

    Packers will be tough
    Broncos are tough
    Saints will be better with Peyton back
    Rams will be tougher
    Vikings I don't think will be as tough
    Bears, Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles all have new coaching staffs
    Giants and Redskins will be tough
    Raiders are a joke
    Lions are good on offense, suck on defense
  6. RXP

    RXP Well-Known Member

    6,261 Messages
    5,256 Likes Received
    If you fix both trenches and the defense can stay healthy, this schedule is a 12 win season. Ans get a ballhawk free safety.
  7. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    65,837 Messages
    20,140 Likes Received
    Thanks Joe.
  8. demdcowboys#1

    demdcowboys#1 Well-Known Member

    1,517 Messages
    56 Likes Received
    STL is going to be TOUGH. They are on the come up.
    Denver will be nearly impossible with this team
    Vikes? lol at us trying to stop AP. Al Mo went for 200, AD will go for 3.
    Pack? lol at our secondary stopping Rodgers
    at Chicago? lolol rightttt

    I see 5 potential losses. Add in the NFCE, a split with NYG and WSH(MAYBE) would give us 7 losses. Plus, there is always a game we lose that we shouldnt....could be Philly or KC, or SD on the road.

    This team would be lucky to get 7 wins next season.
  9. Boys122

    Boys122 Well-Known Member

    1,382 Messages
    36 Likes Received
    8-8 with that schedule.
  10. Boys122

    Boys122 Well-Known Member

    1,382 Messages
    36 Likes Received
    We have to make the playoffs next year or the entire coaching staff will be fired.

    I'm not guessing either.
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

    5,462 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received
    Good post, thanks!
  12. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

    4,576 Messages
    580 Likes Received
    While the NFL schedule won’t be released officially until early April, the Cowboys at least know all 16 opponents for the 2013 season.

    That was finalized after Sunday’s season-finale loss to the Redskins, which dropped the Cowboys to 8-8 and a third-place finish in the NFC East. That slotted the Cowboys to play at New Orleans and at home against St. Louis – two other third-place teams in the NFC South and NFC West.

    The Cowboys will play all NFC North teams next year, meaning trips to Detroit and Chicago, with home games against Green Bay and Minnesota.

    The Cowboys will also play the AFC West, with games at home against Denver and Oakland, traveling to San Diego and Kansas City.

    Home opponents:

    NY Giants
    Green Bay
    St. Louis

    Road opponents:

    NY Giants
    New Orleans
    Kansas City
    San Diego
  13. Rynie

    Rynie Benched

    4,606 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Garrett and ROMO will be back, so 6-10.
  14. TheCowboy

    TheCowboy The Teen

    2,628 Messages
    617 Likes Received
    New Orleans again? That can't be right.
  15. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

    4,576 Messages
    580 Likes Received
    The Saints also finished in 3rd place, because the Panthers sweeped them this year.
  16. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

    22,917 Messages
    1,017 Likes Received
    Go find another team to cheer for then, Baddie.
  17. Super_Kazuya

    Super_Kazuya Well-Known Member

    3,697 Messages
    3,137 Likes Received
    We lost both our third placed games this year, so who knows what to expect from that. I know the high powered Saints offense is a heck of a third place booby prize.
  18. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    11,893 Messages
    4,044 Likes Received
    Doesn't look as scary as this past schedule looked. We got the Aint's on the road. Hopefully we don't start the season on the road and end the season on the road.
  19. StylisticS

    StylisticS Well-Known Member

    11,384 Messages
    2,082 Likes Received
    New Orleans is the new Detroit.:laugh2:
  20. adam3313

    adam3313 Active Member

    135 Messages
    91 Likes Received
    Denver @ Dallas on Turkey Day? Gotta think CBS will love Romo vs. Peyton on national TV.

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