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Dallas Cowboys Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. StanleySpadowski

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    I don't really have anything to add other than we shouldn't have "Washington <ethnic slur deleted> picks" as the the very top thread in the top forum.
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    Which is why I am bumping this one. :D
  3. 92DoverTiger112

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    The funniest part of your post is when you say that Isaiah Stanback doesn't have great speed. I think you need to do more research, repost and then give Isaiah Stanback an apology...
  4. Cogan

    Cogan Well-Known Member

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    I was NOT satified with most of the picks. I believe in getting as much value, or bang for your buck, as you can, whether it's at WalMart or the NFL Draft.

    *I loved the Anthony Spencer pick. When the top two OTs in the draft both mention the same player when asked who was the toughest player they had to block, you know you have a player. Spencer benches 525, squats 620, and power cleans 360. Only Manuel Ramirez, a 335 lb. OG, beat that triangle of numbers of ALL the players drafted! This guy is going to be something special. With DWare drawing constant double teams, I wouldn't doubt Spencer will make Mel Kiper's prediction of DROY a prophesy.

    *I also really liked the Doug Free pick. To get a player who was projected to go around #85-90 & get him at #122, then you've gotten some value. Free is super quick, and tenacious. He had many plays where he pass blocked, then, after the pass was completed, ran down the field to block for the receiver. In fact, he is so fast for his size, his teammates named him "Doug Freak". Even though he was taken after Marten, I firmly believe he will be the OT to take over for Flozell Adams next year.

    *So, here is my "Shoulda" mock draft of the players who were available at the same time that some of the players that were picked, that had much more value in terms of where they were taken, and the needs of the team.

    1-26- Anthony Spencer, OLB, Purdue, 6-3, 266, 4.60.

    3-67- Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St., 6-1, 200, 4.36.

    4-103- Doug Free, OT, N. Illinios, 6-7, 320, 5.10

    4-122- Gosh Gattis, FS, Wake Forest, 6-1, 205, 4.5...*Even though the team signed Ken Hamlin from Seattle to fill the FS spot, it's not filled until someone proves they can fill it. That is why the Cowboys should have focused more on quality secondary players. It was the secondary that killed us, along w/the lack of pass rush, at the end of last year. One feeds off the other. With the type of attack defense that Wade Phillips plays, he has to be able to trust his secondary to hold up & cover during the many blitzes he throws at teams.

    6-178- Matt Toeaina, DL/NT, Oregon, 6-2, 310, 5.10...*This team needs a backup & future starter at the NT position. This guy gives you all he's got.

    6-195- Doug Datish, OC/OG/OT, Ohio St., 6-4, 310, 5.10...projected to go in the 4th-5th rd. Very versatile, tough.

    7-212- Courtney Brown, CB, Cal Poly, 6-1, 205, 4.32...excellent value pick.

    7-237- Brandon Siler, ILB, Florida, 6-2, 240, 4.6...Hard to believe he's still here! Plays a little stiff, but most figured him a 2nd-3rd rounder. Is super tough, and just knows where the ball is going to be. Great instincts. Could push Bradie James by 2008.

    *Taking James Marten at #67 was not a value pick. That is about where he was projected to go. Plus, he didn't show much at the Senior Bowl, both in practice & the game. Marcus McCauley, however, was considered by most as the most physically gifted CB in the draft. Any problems he had his Sr. yr. at Fresno St. are ones that can be corrected. This would have been a great value pick. Besides, we needed a quality CB much more than we needed a OT project.

    *Isaiah Stanback was a luxury this team can't afford. I hope he does well, but I have my doubts if he can or is willing to translate his talents to WR/RS.

    *I really hated the Nick Folk pick. We already have one of the best PKs in the NFL. Gramatica did very well down the stretch last yr., and showed nothing for the team to think he has lost anything. Folk has a stronger leg, but didn't they fire a kicker last year for being erratic? Makes no sense.

    *Speaking of no sense, how about Deon Anderson? This guy probably would have been there waiting on Sunday night. If not, the team could have signed FB Cory Anderson, who most rated higher anyway. Besides, with Polite & Hoyte, why was it necessary to DRAFT a FB? Just get one in UDFA!

    *Speaking of UDFA, that's where Alan Ball would have been if we hadn't taken him. When you compare a player of Ball's ability to Brandon Siler, there is no comparison.

    I think the team, aside from the great deal they made with the Browns, and the selection of Anthony Spencer, did almost as well in UDFA as it did in the regular draft. I feel the following players they signed from UDFA have a solid chance to at least make the team:

    Alonzo Coleman, RB, Hampton, 5-10, 210, 4.45. One of a few players to ever have gained over 1,000 yds. in all 4 seasons. With an upper body like a body builder, he may be able to block the blitz better than Tyson Thompson.

    Jackie Battle, RB/FB, Houston, 6-2, 240, 4.43. Showed up big at the Combine. Could make team first at ST.]

    Matt Moore, QB, Oregon St., 6-4, 200, 4.85. The QB position is pretty crowded, but, after watching part of the draft again, I noticed Ron Jaworski really pitching for Matt Moore after the forth rd. He had Moore rated as the 5th best QB in the draft. Jaws is one of the few "experts" at ESPN that I really respect. There must be something there, because the Cowboys were ecstatic about getting Moore.

    Robert Turner, OG, New Mexico, 6-4, 315, 5.35. A man's man who might take a job from someone who might not want it as badly as Turner does. Real tough guy who will take it to you.

    Ola Dagunduro, NT, Nebraska, 6-2, 300, 5.10. Real quick big man who may fit well into Phillip's new defense.
  5. sago1

    sago1 Active Member

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    Saw this post and just thought I commented on his ideas the day after we cut down to 53.

    1. Still like the Spencer pick as well as Free. While I didn't like the Folk pick, it certainly looks like a winner now particularly since Grammatica now hurt.

    2. I also liked the Courtney Brown pick but am disappointed that apparently he's more a FS then a CB.

    3. The Marten, Stanbach, Anderson & Ball picks still seem questionable to me. I really wanted McCauley (first choice was Free) in the 3rd and was very surprised with Marten pick but hope it works out. Stunned with Stanbach pick and it's only successful in my mind if he becomes a legit #1 WR. Also surprised by Anderson pick but maybe it works out; same goes for Ball.

    4. I'm pretty sure the Cleveland pick will turn out to be a top 7 pick so we should get a quality player at a needed position be it RB, CB, WR or trade down to pick up another first day pick.

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