News: Dallas Cowboys Players Notes-McBrair on IR, Cowboys Partying till 2 am

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    Cowboys sign a quarterback from practice squad

    espn_nfceastESPN Blogs NFC East
    What does Cowboys' McBriar move mean?
    calvinwatkinsCalvin Watkins
    Who holds for Dan Bailey?: NEWARK, N.J. -- With the Cowboys announcing punter Mat McBriar will miss Sunday night...

    Who holds for Dan Bailey?

    espn_macmahonTim MacMahon
    I see Dez Bryant clubbing last night like the Tony Romo (and Jason Witten) Cabo vacation. Probably has zero impact on game, but looks bad.

    clarencehilljrClarence Hill
    Tony Romo is ready to go but the Cowboys sign a quarterback to roster for insurance

    toddarcherTodd Archer
    Mat McBriar placed on IR: NEWARK, N.J. -- Mat McBriar’s season is over with one game to go. The Cowboys put McB...
  2. JonJon

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    Normally, I would want Romo holding, but I don't know about that with his banged up hand.
  3. rocyaice

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    Dez can't club two nights before a game? What in the....?
  4. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Dez was partying so what? He's a young kid that's what they do.
  5. SDogo

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  6. 67CowboysFan

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    Last night when I seen he had gone on IR, I was thinking good deal, Romo can hold again. I never thought about the hand injury. It's win or go home so I guess he will be holding.
  7. JakeCamp12

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    My thoughts exactly.....
  8. Risen Star

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    Yeah, well let me be the negative one to say the last thing I want to see is a mental midget like Dez out partying all night.

    Does he have a right to do it? Of course. Do I like to see it as a fan? Of course not.
  9. Chuck 54

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    The NFL requires that players get rest and take care of their bodies.

    Quit making excuses for Dez Bryant...

    1. He's Not the devil, nor is he different from many other young players.

    2. He also doesn't get it yet...biggest game of the season, maybe of his career? He should not be out till 2am in any argue that point this week makes one sound almost as ignorant as Dez himself.

    3. Wrong message for your team mates, too.

    Football isn't 24/7 all year round, but you don't do this the week of your Super Bowl...very disappointing.
  10. ROUSH8692

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    Jenkins was with him
  11. TheCount

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    lol, I'm a little surprised one of the vets didn't tell him to stay in, especially Witten and Romo. A lot of these guys were here for the cabo nonsense, they know the media is gonna be looking to write a similar storyline, nomatter how ridiculous.

    Dez has already shown he doesn't really grasp how much of a spotlight is on the team.
  12. jobberone

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    Well, not the greatest thing to hear. However, they are very young and it was New Years Eve. Not sure I'd make much of it. Kids don't normally even go out until 11PM.
  13. Mansta54

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  14. SA_Gunslinger

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    I was wondering why I was reading that Jones would be the holder. I have a sick feeling about all of this. The kid did punt well in his first game, but a January night in the meadowlands is a whole different hill of beans.

    Hope the kicking game doesn't cost us yet again.....
  15. CowboyMike

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    It was the night before the night before the game. I don't see an issue with it. As long as he wasn't out last night, it should not be a big deal.

    Also, Stephen McGee should start working on his holds this offseason. That would make him all that more valuable.

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