News: Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to fans: ‘We need to make sure that we create a home-field advantage’

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Don Corleone

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    I would like to agree, but I went to the 2009 playoff game, and witnessed fans having social time like a high school reunion. Then several fans told me to calm down when I cheered. Lol
  2. CATCH17

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    I got asked to sit down when Emmitt broke the rushing record... Top that one.
  3. Erik_H

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    Sums it up perfectly.
  4. DWelch1775

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    I'll be there week 1! I hope to leave without a voice, and a Cowboys win.
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  5. Vanilla2

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    Just a reminder.
  6. DuceizBak

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    Seriously...I'd rank Dallas close to last when it comes to home field advantage.. it might as well be neutral field.
  7. Fredd

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    If a fan told me to sit down if I was up cheering, we would have words....If I am paying the same amount as you, then I am entitled to cheer....

    sit down? please...go **** yourself!!! (that would likely be my response)
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  8. Doomsay

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    That has been my experience as well. Unlike any NFL home crowd I have ever witnessed. Sad that Tony needs to exhort the fans to be normal.
  9. boysfanindc

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    Yeah very low key and I really don't understand it, why is it so?
  10. ufcrules1

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    Almost 2 decades of bad seasons have a way of wearing on the fans I would guess but yeah, we have the worst fans out at the games and I have been to several stadiums around the NFL. Baltimore and Denver were 2 of the best stadiums I have been to with regards to the fans. Denver fans are just insane all the time.. even when Denver is on offense which is a bad thing but overall they are great fans. This is just a hunch but when you have a stadium right in the city.. it brings a much louder/ruanchier crowd to the game. Also if your team is having some good success it motivates the fans even more. We have had pretty much 18 years of embarrassment so I think that has made a lot of the fans out there fickle.
  11. lqmac1

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    My brother and I are flying out to the game and I promise you we didn't pay 3k to come back with voices. I'm going to be going ape ****. Go Cowboys
  12. Joshmvii

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    Tell that to teams like Seattle who go 8-0 at home almost every year, giving themselves a .500 record before even playing a road game. Home field advantage matters.
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  13. Doomsday101

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    Smart move on Romo part ask the fans to cheer and be loud.
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  14. Cowboys=SuperBowl

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    Every time we go to the games, it is an absolute mission to leave without your voice! No doubt! I bring it upon myself to get my section riled up, it is our duty as fans if you ask me, to contribute and become a vital part of the experience. It's pretty awesome and a thing I enjoy very much, knowing I can have an outcome on the game. This year we will be in San Diego this month(3 rows behind their bench) and Dallas(Lower level) on Thanksgiving, believe me we will bring it! And for those that sit on their hands, I tell them what are they here for?! Get up, LET'S GO!!!!
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  15. CATCH17

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    Seattle supports their soccer team the same way. Pretty cool.

    Maybe they'll start a popular trend that Cowboy fans will latch on to.
  16. Wolf2k5

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    Chiefs fans live in Missouri and Kansas they are just excited to be out of the house. It sucks there lol
  17. Zordon

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    What always gets me is the people in the lowest level ans suites who look like they came dressed for a business meeting. Typical Dallas....
  18. KJJ

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    Romo's quote was "Our Fans have done a great job. We need them to be at their best Sunday night." For the fans to be at their best the team needs to be at their best. Fans reflect how their team is performing it's hard to keep the fans in the game when their team is getting beat and performing poorly. Anytime a team plays at home in familiar surroundings in front of their own fan base that should automatically give them an advantage. A home-field advantage is nothing more than psychological. The Cowboys have had virtually no advantage playing at home the past few years because the team hasn't been very good. Teams usually have the biggest home-field advantage during the playoffs and the Cowboys have lost their last two home playoff games. The 07 playoff loss to the Giants cut real deep into the heats of the fans.

    The Cowboys closed out Texas Stadium the following year with a loss to Baltimore in a game the team desperately needed. The emotional state of the team and the fans hasn't been been very good for a long time due to the troubling trends that have developed with the Cowboys. In 2011 the fans watched a 12 point lead vs the Giants evaporate at home in under 8 minutes in a game that would have knocked NY out of the playoffs and wouldn't have put the Cowboys in a do or die situation 3 weeks later in the season finale against them. Opponents seem to enjoy playing at the new state of the art stadium and love beating the Cowboys there. Playing in the new stadium is like a trip to Disneyland for opponents they seem to relish it. The Giants looked more fired up to open up Cowboys Stadium than the Cowboys did back in 09.

    There were 100,000 screaming Cowboy fans wanting to open up the stadium with a win and they were all left disappointed. The Cowboys lack confidence and the fans lack confidence in the team. The Cowboys need to start winning games consistently especially at home in critical games to let opponents know this is our house not yours. I'm tired of watching opponents disrespect the team by dancing on our star. Winning games consistently especially at home will give the fans confidence and make them more enthusiastic on game day. The team is in a funk and the fans reflect it at the stadium and on boards like this.
  19. Everlastingxxx

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    I blame that video board and all the distractions in the stadium. Nothing seems to be geared towards the actual football game. An animated coke can race gets louder noise than a third down defensive stop. That said, i think the crowd will be hyped up on opening day.
  20. Zordon

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    Couldn't have said it better. The confidence and morale of the fanbase is in the dumps b/c the constant disappointments the last 5+ years.

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