News: Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to fans: ‘We need to make sure that we create a home-field advantage’

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 4, 2013.

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    Maybe so but other teams fans go in wanting to be part of the game to help their team win. They feel apart of their team. Fans pay their money they don't have to cheer they can sit there like it is a play on stage myself I have yet to leave a game with my voice still intact. I'm there to help push my team to victory that is just me.
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    That's a terrible answer, IMO.
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    The Cowboys have one of the richest histories in Football, to not go to a home game and scream and help give your team every advantage possible is a weak effort.
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    Fans that don't cheer as loudly as possible just because Dallas has been a "disappointment" need to get a grip, those are the worst kind of fans. Cant stand fans that give up when things go south, or when they start sulking because of "disappointment". But they'll start to cheer when Dallas is winning because their team isn't a "dissapoontment" anymore. How about you cheer your team on to show them you have their back, even in tough times, and that you believe they can pull it together.

    It reminds me of the NBA finals from this year, when Miami was losing in the final minutes of game 6. The "fans" gave up, stopped cheering, and started to leave the stadium. Miami fought back and brought the game into OT and pulled out the W. When "fans" heard that Miami brought it to OT, they all tried to rush back into the stadium to "support" them. Smh.

    These, these type of fans can find another team to root for all I care, heck, go root for the Ravens, after all they just won the SuperBowl. If you're not going to stick by your team when times are going bad, then don't cheer them on at all, find another team where you won't be "disappointed".

    Just my take on "fans". SMH
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    Tona, you just worry about thowing into tight coverages and let the fans clap if you don't.
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    It's more a spectacle now then a football game. It's horrible. Everyone in my section were quite last year when I went. I was screaming the whole game. We need to make it deafening in AT&T.
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    you're such an elitist.
  8. Apollo Creed

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    I ever tell you guys about the time I got to kick it with Tony Romo? Drinking grey goose on the rocks and jamming to Bon Jovi.

    Good times, good times.
  9. theebs

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    Hey watch it mister
  10. Don Corleone

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    Jerry needs to hand out free beer for the loudest fans. Let the beer man be the judge and hand cold ones to fans that cheer loud.
  11. Section444

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    Good luck with that, Tony, it won't happen here.
  12. Romonater

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    Holy crap, are people really, REALLY getting butthurt because Tony asked for more noise?
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    Why bother going, if you;re not going to cheer your team and cheer loud? It definitely makes a difference to be home, if your crowd is loud enough to make it hard on the opposing teams players and it pumps up the team. Just because a team is doing bad , doesn't mean you can't still cheer them on, a bad play can be the result of one or two players or a coach evevn, while the rest of the TEAM wants to know that you have their back.

    Some of these negative posts are the perfect example of the crowd that shows up. Stay home, if you're going to be a lump or a negative ninny.
    As posted already, that's why Seattle has an advantage at home. You have a right to boo and they deserve to hear it but after getting that out, get back to cheering them on. If you made a mistake in your family or friends eyes, would you want to have them harp on that mistake until you made up for it in their eyes, or would you like to know they got your back?
  14. ufcrules1

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    Yeah, the truth hurts doesn't it?
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    I haven't seen the truth spoken in this thread yet so I don't know.
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    Welcome. You must be new here. Lol
  17. Redball Express

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    I appreciate Romos asking the fans to turn it up. If the team manages to do the same..then maybe th
    E results will change.

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    Jerry should send 50 yell leaders up into the stands to help rile the crowd up. Thursday night Peyton was trying to get the Denver crowd to be quiet while the offense was on the field.
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    Might be a valid argument if the fans at home hadn't always been bad
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    This would only make sense if the yell leaders know WHEN to cheer as well.

    On a side note, it's strange that a team with TWO cheerleading squads (one of them the most famous in the world) has trouble generating cheers. Maybe if the two dance/cheer squads actually lead cheers, it would make a difference.

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