News: Dallas Cowboys Report Card: Grading the Rookies Heading into Week 2

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    Dallas Cowboys Report Card: Grading the Rookies Heading into Week 2

    As the disappointment from the Cowboys loss on Sunday wears off as the week progresses, fans can take solace in knowing that the Cowboys rookies have performed very well.

    Offensive linemen Tyron Smith and Bill Nagy did their duty against the Jets on Sunday night to keep Tony Romo as clean as possible.

    In lieu of the loss, there is still good news. For each Cowboys rookie from the draft, let's grade ‘em from Week 1.

    For complete article and picture slide show:
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    Rookie grades:
    C+ = 2
    C- = 1
    D+ = 1
    D = 1
    Incomplete = 2

    Unless there's a curve, I'd say those are some pretty poor grades.
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    Frankly, I don't understand how he grades. He talks about how well Nagy and Smith played in week 1, yet only gave them a C+.

    Maybe he starts every draft pick at "C", then moves them up a notch if they play well and down a notch if they don't. Then by the end of the year they get a final grade. So if Smith and Nagy have another good game Sunday, he'll move them up to B-. If they play poorly, he'll knock them back to a C.

    So a series of good games will eventually get them to an A. Meanwhile a series of bad games, players will drop down to an F. So by the end of the year, he has a final grade for all of them.

    This is the only thing I can think of why the rankings are what they are.

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