News: Dallas Cowboys Top 11 Players By Snap Count On Offense And Defense

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    Dallas Cowboys Top 11 Players By Snap Count On Offense And Defense
    The Cowboys could be at full strength on Sunday for the
    first time in a long while. More photos ยป

    How many snaps would you expect a starter to play per game? All of them, or three quarters, or perhaps even half? Obviously, this is somewhat of a trick question, as the answer will likely differ by position. You'd probably expect your starting quarterback to be in on all offensive snaps, and probably your O-line as well. But the running back is likely to have less, especially if you have a couple of guys rotating in and out like the Cowboys have.

    On defense, barring injuries, you'd probably expect your defensive backs to be in for most snaps, but you'd probably expect some level of rotation along the front seven according to whatever packages would be on the field and whatever scheme the defensive coordinator is running.

    In large part due to injury and in partly due to scheme, after four games the Cowboys have only four players who've been on the field for every snap of their unit. These are the four ironmen: Tyron Smith, Doug Free and Kyle Kosier have been in on every single one of the 288 offensive snaps, while Abram Elam is the only defensive player to have played on every one of the 256 defensive snaps so far.

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