News: Dallas Cowboys touch down on new sponsorship

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Arch Stanton, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Dallas Cowboys touch down on new sponsorship
    03 November 2010 | Posted in Sponsorship, Football, North America | By Rahul Bhatt

    Dallas-based skincare company Jack Black has been announced as a sponsor of National Football League (NFL) franchise the Dallas Cowboys.

    The deal will see the men’s skincare brand bring exclusive skin care and grooming products to the players and their fans in the Cowboys’ luxury restroom suites, offering premium skincare products to their fans and suite holders.

    The exclusive products in the luxury suite restroom will showcase a co-branded label combining the renowned Jack Black diamond with the iconic Cowboys' star logo. In addition, Jack Black will provide a range of products in the Cowboys' locker room at their practice facility where players will have access to a number of Jack Black facial skincare and body products for use after workouts. This includes a selection of Jack Black's new Performance Remedy products formulated specifically for athletes to help enhance performance and speed recovery.

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    Cue the Jerry jokes.....
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    I use this stuff for shaving cream. It's good.I smell nice.
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    Will Jack Black give Jerry the pick of destiny?
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    WINNER!! :bow:
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    I'd rather see some of the players get Axe instead.
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    What the fans need is a sponsorship for smelling salts in their suites. :)

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