News: Dallas Cowboys Turnovers: Whose Fault Are They, Anyway?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Much has been made of Tony Romo's thirteen interceptions in 2012, with particular focus placed on his last two home games, against Chicago (five picks) and New York (four). With our fave team's signal caller in the midst of a career-worst year, we must ask: are all these turnovers Romo's fault?

    Earlier in the week, as I was preparing my usual post- game "by the number" post, it became apparent that, although there were lost of interesting (and even gaudy) numbers from the Giants game, there was only one number that really mattered: six. As in the number of turnovers Dallas had - which served as one half of another key number, -4, which was the Cowboys turnover differential. That ignominious statistic gave them an NFC-worst minus eleven differential (league-wide, this puts them ahead of only the Chiefs astonishing minus eighteen).

    Since Sunday's thriller/ debacle/ game of inches/ near miraculous comeback/ heartbreaker, I have heard and read a couple of interesting commentaries regarding Dallas' turnover problems. On the local ESPN radio station's weekly "film don't lie" segment, former Cowboys scout Glen "Stretch" Smith, who still has some good connections in the Dallas clubhouse, absolved Tony Romo of blame for three of his four interceptions.
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    Romo bashers wont like this article.
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    It proves that we have stupid receivers who don't run disciplined routes and struggle to read coverage. In addition, they don't know the proper conversion routes.

    He failed to mention how many TD passes that have been dropped by Bryant this year.

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