News: Dallas Cowboys: Will DeMarcus Lawrence be on the roster in 2018?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Irving, though, is streaky. But he's shown signs of being able to completely take over games--more than once. Throw in the suspension and the issues he had coming out of college. He's definitely going to get a big deal from somebody. Probably us. But he's got a risk factor because of the conduct issues.

    At least we get another year to decide what we want to do, but he's not going to be cheap.
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    Lol! What?
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    Taco replaces him.

    He is gone after this year.

    We will draft another DL.
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    Lawrence has showed up to mini camp in better shape and appears to be fully healthy. He also won’t miss the first quarter of the season thanks to a suspension as he seems to have learned from his mistake. If he can return to his 2015 form, our 'Boys would have to be thrilled. If he becomes a full fledged beast, they would be ecstatic. Should he continue to struggled with consistency and health, they could move on from him after this contract season. Time will tell what the final result will be, but at least he seems to have the right mindset. Give him another chance. What have WE got to lose.
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    Based on what's happened with Lawrence to date? Of course not. That's not even worth asking. If he doesn't come on this year with a career season, he'll be playing elsewhere.

    The only question to be asked would depend on if he did have a career season in 2017, as in double digit sacks or maybe even somehow a Pro Bowl season. If that were to somehow happen? All bets are off and maybe the Cowboys' tune would change.

    But as it stands? Lawrence is playing for his future, in Dallas or elsewhere. All of the onus and pressure is on him to turn things around and make the Cowboys - or someone else - want him.
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    Depends on a number of things.

    If he stays healthy and has an All Pro year, his value will be through the roof. We might even get outbid by another team, but fans would definitely be upset that we lost him.

    If he flashes more potential but fails to stay healthy again, we might get him on a one-year "prove it" deal like we did Claiborne. Depending on the market and/or the production of our other DEs on the roster, we may want to keep him.

    If he has a solid, healthy year but players like Taco, Irving and Tapper show loads of potential, we may move on from D-Law and save some money.

    If we're awful at DE and none of the young guys show any sign they can be reliable contributors, we may be desperate to hold onto any veteran talent we can.
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    He gets a one year deal like Mo did two years ago.
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