Dallas DL starting positions are still not settled yet...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Big Country, Sep 18, 2005.

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    Glover pretty much won the NT job due to Fergi having a gimpy ankle... As the season goes on, Fergi should be able to start... if not, then conclusively LaRoi should be feasting on offensive linemen and tearing things up... The second drive last week I believe Fergi got in and I noticed this big push up the middle... San Diego has a big OL... Conclusion, Fergi, who as noted by many on this board, is a vital cog to our defensive success.

    Ellis might get supplanted by Spears later this season... No dissing on Ellis, but Spears IMO has the youth to be able to crash the run at the end position and help collapse a pocket... Canty should be a very formidable fill in for Coleman when the time arrives on the other side...

    All I'm really saying in this post
    is we haven't even seen the best combinations for our DL lining up against opponents (inferior or not) in order to maximize everyone's athletic ability... and the ability to mesh with our scheme to pressure the QB and shut down opposing running games.
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    I expect a healthy rotation on the DL. If Ellis is replaced, it will be by Canty, however. Spears will probably take over for Coleman before too long. Those are the sides they are playing now.
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    you ahve spears and canty swtiched around, but your right it's been along time since we had rotation like this.
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    my bad, I thought Spears is on the left side (strong side going up against the TE or run side due to his bulk), and the more wirey Canty lining up on the right. Spears has mostly lined up on the left from what I've seen... could be wrong tho. :bang2:
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    Ellis is our 1st DE, Spears will be 2, Canty 3, Coleman 4.

    Ellis has already played both sides this season. The rotation is liberal enough as we get all the guys some rest. It is good depth. Something we haven't had in a long while.
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    Look no further than the consistancy we had rushing the passer throughout the game. Yes, we only recorded 2 sacks on Breese, but Ware was about 1 step away from around 3 or 4 himself. THe last drive, we still were able to put pressure on Breese. This is gonna be a good team this year. The game is won and lost in the trenches, and our Lines look pretty good.

    Granted SD ddint have a great pass defense, the fact that Bledsoe threw no picks was due to the fact he had time. He wasnt forced into any stupid decisions, and although he took some sacks, I was glad we still had the ball rather than throwing picks.

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