Dallas likes Orson Charles in the 2nd?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Hoofbite

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    Of course.

    Why not address other weaknesses when a TE to backup one of the best in the game is such an obvious requirement.

    DL, OL, Secondary can all wait.

    Dallas needs a guy who will probably only see the field half the time because they'll be using other packages the rest of the plays.

    I just cannot get on board with ANOTHER 2nd round TE.

    I guess Fleener might ease the pain because he is supposedly not supposed to be there and at least we could get excited on snagging the guy on value alone but that's a moral victory at best.

    Dallas does not need another TE.

    I'm starting to get to the point to where I hope other teams pick players so Dallas can't.

    Poe, I hope someone else takes him so Dallas can't even think about taking such a risk.

    TE as well. I hope the top 2 or 3 are off the board at #45 somehow so Dallas can't even think about taking one of them either.
  2. jobberone

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    I'd try to do a cartwheel if we got him. Somebody call an ambulance.
  3. Hoofbite

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    I remember there being people who would defend Bennett's lack of production by saying,

    "There's only so many balls to go around. You have Austin, Dez, Roy (when he was around), Witten and the running backs. Who do you take touches from?"

    Well, I'm hear to use that exact same argument as a reason you don't need some world beater for a #2 TE.
  4. JBell523

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    I'm too lazy to look it up, but Bennett played A LOT the last few seasons. More than 50% of snaps like you suggest.

    A 2nd TE in this offense is pretty much a starter. When you view it like that, then 2nd TE is a pretty big need, although I agree it's not as big as OL, DL or the secondary.

    The reason he didn't put up big #'s as a receiver had more to do with him having worse hands than Anthony Morgan than it did with the offense having too many options.

    edit: You were right about the 50% part.

    "Despite racking up only 88 receptions over the last four seasons, Bennett has quietly played 367+ snaps each of the four seasons, including 406 in in 2011. That works out to roughly 44% of the Cowboy’s offensive snaps since 2008. Dallas went with 2+ TE formations 49% of the time in 2011, which was fifth highest in the league. It’s clear they wanted to keep him on the field." -PFF
  5. Risen Star

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    Not a big Charles fan. It would be a meh 2nd round pick for me.
  6. TheDallasDon

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    That was me and I agree somewhat, but they need to be looking for Witten's replacement some time soon.
  7. TheSport78

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    This team needs serious upgrades and starting caliber players NOW. Grooming a backup tight end behind a future hall of famer should be the least of our worries IMO.
  8. RS12

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    Top is draft scout below PFW. Lousy 40 time and 95th best prospect, H=Back size. Bottom of round three more like it. Evan Rodriguez a couple rounds later sounds alot better to me.

  9. The Realist

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    Newsflash: We run a 2 TE offense a lot.

    We just have no clue how to select that 2nd TE.

    I was pounding the table on Hernandez and Graham when they came.

    I have no clue what makes us think we can take skill position players who played in pre-historic offenses and turn then into productive weapons in the NFL (Bennett, McGee).
  10. Chuck 54

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    I'm fine with Charles...nice blocker in red zone...very good receiver and route runner who could step in for Witten.

    But not in 2nd round...he didn't run as fast as expected, so I'd treat him exactly like Witten and hope he drops to round 3.
  11. Eskimo

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    I'd be okay with a second TE but only if we have traded down and picked up some extra picks. Then I'd try to get Egnew in the 3rd round or 4th round if he falls that far.

    I would not draft another TE in the second round and I wouldn't pick up on at all before the 4th round unless we have gotten extra picks and addressed DE, OLB, CB and OG already in the first 3 rounds.

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