Dallas-Miami draft trade idea...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by tunahelper, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. dogunwo

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    thats so cold.........but funny as hell
  2. vlad

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    I am very against doing trades like this. I understand he is an all-world talent...but give me two quality players to distribute talent and cap flexibilty.

    Plus, let's all be honest here, while our running game isn't going crazy, its not that terrible and putting up points or even grinding out the clock at the end of games hasn't been an issue.

    I would say look at the Dedric Wards, Ryan Grants, Chester Taylors of the world to see a RB that high can cripple you because there is talent out there. RB is the most natural athlete position the game, so I think we can survive.

    I'd like to continue to see us build quality lineman...I think first round WRs have such a high bust rate, I'd shy from that. Even though we've saturated a ton in the D, but you saw what Duckett thought of our d-line. I would think take the best CB, DL, available unless some one falls drastically.
  3. btcutter

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    After watching our D this yr, we need CB and a space eating DT to eventually replace Fergie much worse than a RB. Top three picks should be CB, DT/WR and RB.
  4. Aikbach

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    I say you trade them the movie rights to the TV show Dallas in exchange for Miami Vice.

    Then they'll miss Crockett and Tubbs and we dress Carpenter up like Don Johnson and send him back in exchange for the number one pick, it would be one heck of a score for Dallas.

    See anyone can write down something stupid and ask people to discuss.
  5. kgarza

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    If you can get a team to give you even a middle-round pick for Roy Williams, I would take it. It's more than you're going to get when he gets flat out cut in the off-season.

    Can a guy still be a Top 10 safety when he only plays in some nickle and dime packages? And when he's out on field in coverage, Newman has to direct him into presnap position because he has absolutely no idea what he's doing or where he's going. It's bordering on comical, really.
  6. tunahelper

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    I played college football. What level did you play at?

    You are John kitna of the cowboyszone.
  7. joseephuss

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    I guess we have to assume that Hamlin is 100% going to re-sign with Dallas after the season. If not then the Cowboys are having to replace both safeties after they trade Roy.
  8. BrassCowboy

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    as much as I like the offense this year, I do hate pass happy offenses (if that makes sense)

    I think the weakness is always exposed sooner than later, I would much much rather have the offense of the early 90s any day over this offense with Romo leading it of course.

    God, I really do hate the direction the NFL is heading with helping out WRs catch more balls... How about give back some of the power back to cornerbacks because right now they just have to have to be perfect otherwise they can just be anybody and the WRs will still catch the ball.
  9. dthahn

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    Hell, why don't we throw in Newman and Ware while we're at it.
  10. Hostile

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    College. I also coached at the HS and college level (1 year).

    How far you and I played has nothing to do with the implications of the salary cap, roster needs changing by an over zealous trade, and other problems of an NFL team. 2 draft picks and 2 players for one draft pick is a stupid idea for multiple reasons. Your scenario creates more problems than it solves. That's as nice as I care to say it.

    I'll avoid labeling you like you tried with me.
  11. Muhast

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    So making this trade you'd trade a perennial pro bowl safety ( and replacing him with... Keith davis?) and 2 first rounders, with another possible starter one day (carp)

    for a runningback.... WHY?

    Do u not recall the joey galloway trade?
  12. ThreeSportStar80

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    No way do I trade both 1st round picks and Williams....
  13. tunahelper

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    Well genius what are the cap results of the trade?

    Why do you think Parcells left?

    He told Laufenberg the secondary will fail later in the year. I love Dallas, but anybody watching this team should see they cannot cover.

    Cap hit or not, Williams needs to be sent elsewhere.
  14. Hostile

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    The point here is that you have no idea.

    I don't give a flying crap why he left, just thrilled he's gone.

    Blah blah blah. Same spew.

    I don't agree, and BTW the cap hit wasn't just about him. Did you see the size of the bonuses Calvin Johnson and JaMarcus Rusell received this year for players with no skins on the wall in the NFL? Are you presuming those bonuses will be reduced?

    I am a huge D-Mac guy, but I wouldn't do that trade with a gun to my head.
  15. Chuck 54

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    No Freakin' Way

    It doesn't matter if McFadden is a guaranteed HOF RB....you don't give up 2 #1's and two players who were both drafted with #1's for him.

    I'd be upset if we even gave up two picks like #20 and #30 for McFadden. Insanity...it won't happen.

    We need a CB, WR, ILB, and more help at NT so Ratliff can take Spears spot.

    You don't just look at a great player and because he's a super blue chipper, say you have to have him and give up the kitchen sink to get him....WHY?

    Our offense is doing just fine, but we desperately need a young, #1 type WR, and we're desperate for another speedy, cover CB.

    An stud ILB to replace Adele would also improve this team.
  16. kgarza

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    This is fun.
    I think I'm going to go get my popcorn ready ...
  17. dalboy

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    stupid stupid:bang2: :bang2:

    look at my sig
  18. tunahelper

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    Cap hit excuse and Skins on the wall.

    Sounds like lil Mickey at DC.com.

    Are you a fan?
  19. Mavs Man

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    Hey, Mike Ditka gave up an entire draft for Ricky Williams.

    Oh wait, how did that turn out?

    P.S. From the Vikings perspective, how'd that Herschel Walker trade turn out?
  20. ethiostar

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    :eek:hno: :leave:

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