Dallas-Miami draft trade idea...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by tunahelper, Dec 10, 2007.

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    I totally agree. Turner would be a back that could actually break the long runs, and would be more dynamic than Jones, and we could still keep our two first rounders. And Turner won't be that expensive because he hasn't done anything on a consistent level. I could see us signing him to a incentive-laden contract that could pay big time. And than you could trade the two first rounders for either Fitz or Roy Williams if that is even a possibility.
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    Just admit it Hos...

    You're no fan. :D
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    good point the greatest show on earth a passing team won superbowl and having faulk as their running back didn't hurt them at all it helps
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    There you go.

    We have what it takes to beat the teams in the NFC... it's the AFC teams that we have to adjust our roster for now.
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    The only fan I know about is the one that the crap is supposed to hit.
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    Cleveland has screwed EVERYTHING up by being above .500. We were SUPPOSED to get the 2nd or 3rd overall pick in the draft. Who knew.......?
    Of all the years the stinky Browns decide to play, it HAD to be this one.
    At least the Whiners are holding "true to form" for the Pats!
    Anyway, either we hold the two first round picks and just "fill in" spots. It seems that's all we need given this year.
    OR..................combine the two first round picks, and maybe a Bobby Carpenter or two, and go after Champ Bailey.........and settle this secondary problem once and for all................
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    Another post by someone enamored with McFadden.
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    More like obsessed

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