Dallas mock, 1st Day

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Mar 2, 2007.

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    1st round Arkansas CB Chris Houston~5'10" 198

    Combine measurements: 4.32 40, 4.12 short-shuttle, 1.50 10-yard dash, 10'02" broad-jump, 36" vert, 6.94 3-cone drill

    the skinny: physical man-cover corner, one of the top shutdown corner types in this draft, is brimming w/ confidence, held Dwayne Jarrett, Dwayne Bowe and Robert Meachem to a combined 14 receptions, 168 yards and 1 TD as a Junior, only allowed 2, 100 yard receivers in 14 games in same year

    2nd round Texas DE/OLB Brian Robison~6'3" 259

    Combine measurements: 4.67 40, 6.89 3-cone drill, 1.49 10-yard dash, 4.26 short-shuttle, 40 1/2" vert, 10'01" broad-jump

    the skinny: overachieving DE w/ the physical skill-set to match his intensity on the football field, a little raw as a prospect, but his pro potential is through the roof

    3rd round Eastern Carolina WR Aundrae Allison~6' 198

    Combine measurements: 4.39 40, 1.43 10-yard dash, 10'07" broad-jump, 37" vert

    the skinny: a smooth athlete w/ tremendous ball-skills, balance and body-control, runs well after the catch and is a threat to stretch a D vertically, will work across the middle, and in traffic

    to be continued
  2. Biggems

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    Trade down in the 1st and pick up an extra 3rd, 6th

    1 - OG Justin Blalock Texas
    2 - WR Anthony Gonzalez tOSU or FB Leonard Rutgers
    3 - DT Kareem Brown the U
    3 - OLB Brian Robison Texas
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    I can see the Cowboys looking at Houston because he's got some talent...

    Robison from Texas is a workout warrior, his production on the field isn't the same...
  4. visionary

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    good mock SIF however I would suggest picks as follows:

    1: CB or OL (whichever is of higher value on our board at our pick)
    2: CB or OL (whichever was not picked in rd 1)
    3/4/5: NT/LB/WR (whichever is of higher value on our board when we pick)

    while we will need WR going forward since our current WR are getting older, we definitely need a NT this year to spell Ferguson, to me that is a greater need than #5/6 WR or even LB.
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    Its a good mock....I love the Chris Houston pick...But i think its a round too early for Brian Robinson.....But i guess you could flip flop Aundrae Allison and Robinson and it would make it better....I've seen Allison rated right behind the " top 6" first round receivers( Johnson, Ginn, Mecham, Jarrett, Bowe, Rice).

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