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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jksmith269, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. jksmith269

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    I've seen many talk about this QB or that one but Since we have no shot at a player like Quinn next year I'd like to see us go after Croyle from Alabama. I've watched him since he's been at Alabama and I really think he has what it takes to be a franchise QB. there isn't a throw he can't make and he has great touch. He's 6'3" 205# completed 59.4% of his passes and lost his best receiver early in the year. 2200 yards 13td's and 4 Int's while these numbers arent staggering you have to remember Alabama doesn't have a very good receiving core. I think with an offense like we have I really think he could flourish.

    BTW I can't stand the talk of Young he will not be a good NFL QB. There has not been a Scrambling QB to win the SB even Steve Young and Elway admitted it wasn't until they learned to be a pockett QB's that they had real success....

    Draft a Pockett QB not a scrambler.
  2. SDogo

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    I would love to get our hands on Jay Cutler. He's a mix of the best of both worlds.
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    I just don't think Croyle is going to pan out in the NFL because of injuries and such. If he does it will be several years playing behind someone else- Cutler I'd love to have.
  4. jksmith269

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    Jay Cutler

  5. Hiero

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    Croyle is too much of a question mark. He is way too frail and too many injuries in the past, plus he just isnt that good.
  6. jay cee

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    I don't watch much college football. But I have seen 'bama a few times over the past couple of years. I have not seen anything in Croyle that would lead me to believe that he will be a starting caliber NFL QB.

    I guess anything is possible, he could be another Tom Brady.

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