Dallas Salary Cap Problem In 1990s

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by RiggoForever, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Can anybody here explain to me exactly how the cap hit the Cowboys in the 1990s? Who had to be released and why do most Cowboy fans feel it destroyed a further duration of your dynasty?

    I didn't follow the NFL as closely back then. I do remember your Super Bowl winning teams in 1992 and 1993, then I didn't see much of a dropoff in 1994. You lost to a 14-2 San Francisco team in the NFC Championship, and gave them a good run after spotting them 21 points. Then in 1995 you won the Super Bowl again (but we swept you in the regular season, our one highlight of the year as a team, lol). What exactly happened with the cap and why weren't you able to avoid it the way the Redskins have been?

    I feel extremely sad right now. The pride and face of the Washington Redskins has finally returned after a 14 year absence, and yet mispending by Dan Snyder threatens to rip it all apart. There's no excuse because the salary cap had bitten other teams before Snyder even came here.

    Yes an uncapped year will be nice for the Redskins, but if we have to gut our team this year, what pickings will we have in the free agent market for 07? Not that many from what I've heard, with having to be 6 years in the league AND at the end of their contracts.

    I fear we will be much like the Eagles were this past year, a dangerous out, a team that no team in the division feels comfortable playing, but ultimately undermanned to put up much more then a good fight.

    I guess all we can really do is whether the storm and learn our lesson. I'm just angry and sad that this had to blow up while Joe Gibbs was here, when we were actually headed in the right direction.
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    The biggest thing that hurts with cap hell is that you can virtually have no injuries. Even with role players, if you're in cap hell and one of them goes down, now you're forced to bring in the cheapest option available. So, if you're starting free safety may be the worst starter on your defense.....but if he gets injured now you are forced to start your backup, but also bring in probably an undrafted free agent. Then if the backup gets hurt, you're doubly screwed.

    What killed Dallas (IIRC), is that their star players were not only getting injured, but having career ending injuries as well (Irvin, Novacek, Moose, and essentially Aikman). Plus, while they had more draft picks than the Skins do right now, most of their picks didn't pan out.

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    Also if Brunell, Arrington, Samuels, Jansen do not restructure then there isn't much that can be done except cut all the players we can who can get us under the cap. Those four have all the leverage because they know the cap hit that would be incurred if we cut them.

    We lose more then just role players if they don't cooperate.
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    That would be the Understatement of the Day. I would say the horrible drafting and things like giving up two #1's for Joey Galloway hurt as much if not more than the cap situation.
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    What is the cap hit on those 4? Brunell has already stated he wont restructure right? And Arrington was already screwed out of $5 million once.....
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    Over 30 million for those 4 alone.

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