Dallas should trade for...insert QB name...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stilltheguru, Aug 12, 2005.

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    The fact that you bring out stats doesn't make you John MAdden either and your wrong, Schuab did run the WCO in college and is the reason the Falcons drafted the kid. As a long time Cav fan, you don't know what your talking about.

    Reaction for Schaub: The Falcon fans didn’t know what to expect for the third round pick. The coaches and the staff were clueless also but were excited when they saw the name Schaub still on the board. The pick for Schaub made fans disappointed because they wanted more for the defensive line and a free agent veteran for the back up quarterback position. The Falcon staff was glad for the fate of their third round pick and soon the fans of Atlanta will find out why.

    How does Schaub fit? He is a big accurate passer who is confident in his game. He has the skill to move out of the pocket and is praised for his short passing game. The West Coast Offense is known for the short passing game which Schaub will succeed in. The experience Schaub has had in the WCO in Virginia will be critical for the transition to the NFL. His learning curve is not that big since he already knows the terminology of the WCO. Expect Schaub to back up Michael Vick. Schaub will be protected by his line and his decision making will be on target. His passes will be accurate and his level of play will surpass last years back up quarterbacks in every aspect of the game.
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    Easy to look good in mop-up duty...or in pre-season vs. 2nd and 3rd teamers!!!
    I dont think this guy does for them what Mike has done the last 2 seasons as a 16 game starter IMO!!!
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    I'm go with BZ here. Not sure why anyone isn't really....... Let the guys play through the preseason first and see what develops before we go "trading" for any QB's, etc.....
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    an arm,leg and left n...
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    Grossman for the Bears got hurt last night. They are going to have to decide whether to use Hutch or a rookie. There was speculation they will be looking to bring in a veteran QB. Wonder if they'll look at Vinnie? Either way, if Parcells decides he needs to make a move, there will be some competition out there. I, for one, do not want to make another quarterback move in the middle of camp.
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    No kidding!
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    This thread has been funny. Kitna is a decent QB, but Cinci likes the thought of a solid backup that has proven he can play well for a whole season. They ain't going to give him up without someone really good in trade. Volek is penciled in to replace McNair.
    THOSE are the only 2 non starting QB's out there that are really worth trading for.
    Everyone else is unproven to an extreme degree. No point in going after them untill we KNOW Henson and ROmo can't cut it.
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    I'm not happy with Henson or Romo as our backup QB...however, that's what we had last season. Bledsoe will hopefully be an upgrade over Vinnie, in which case we're still better off than last year.

    I would NOT "trade" for any QB...I'd pick up a veteran when cuts take place if a decent one is available...if not, I'd muddle through this season, hoping for the best and either secure a veteran or draft a more "ready" QB, depending on what Romo and Henson actually show.

    I also would not dismiss cutting 1 QB and bringing in Vinnie as the backup if we truly think this could be a playoff year.

    I would NOT give up any draft picks for someone's QB who's likely to be cut anyway.
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    Shaub will be the starter in two years in Atl, when coaches are sick of Mexico breaking their hearts and his inability to read defenses and pass the ball. They'll never let him go.
    Volek won't be able to leave the Tits either, McFlair hasn't played a full season of football since....probably 8th grade and he flirts with retirement.
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    I see they make 'em with common sense up there in Nantucket.Billy Volek shows promise,Ron Mexico shows why it is wrong to give some athletes a free education while others who deserve one and cannot afford it get left behind.
  11. Big Country

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    let's at LEAST see our FIRST (1st) PRE-SEASON GAME of the season.

    Hell I'd rather go get Anthony Wright back before issuing the knee jerk reaction.
  12. ThEpLyMaKeR88

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    how about billy volek
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    Last year everyone cried to put in unproven inexperienced Henson in over Vinny.
    Now a few bad days at camp coming from reporters without all the coaches real knowledge of the situation. And everyone wants him gone without a chance.

    And for what...trade for more UNPROVEN QB's.

    Give me a break....remember Quincy had good pre-seasons also. And don't bring up Delhomme....hindsight is 20-20
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    If henson isn't the answer, and I doubt even Parcells knows for sure just yet, I wouldn't mind seeing Matt Schaub in a cowboy uni!
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    If you remember correctly he was pretty good in filling in for McNair last Year throws a great deep ball. And he is still young.
  16. Fletch

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    How about we stop all these ridiculous "How bout we trade for __________." ... threads! :rolleyes: The Cowboys I believe are finished with knee jerk reactions and will begin wanting to find out what they have in Tony Romo and Drew Henson before they trade for anything.
  17. dargonking999

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    Hmm how about we dont? He is a backup QB, we need to let the QB's we have play one preseason game agianst seomthing thats not a top 10 defense :)rolleyes:) and see what they can do.
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    Y.A. Tittle
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    Freaking hilarious
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    No. :) I'm the one with the presenililty. I was just admiring your jargon.

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