Dallas Stars 2013-2014 Season

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by RastaRocket, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Dallas should make a play for Ryan O'Reilly. He's not going to be cheap, but won't be much more than Horcoff costs anyways, and he's only 23.

    They'll need to get better on the blueline if they want to be contenders. Idk what they have in their farm system, but Trevor Daley isn't going to get you there, I don't think.
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    He's a restricted free agent, which means signing him to an expensive contract is going to cost you way more than it's worth. For example; if you sign an RFA to a max deal it will cost you 4 first round picks.

    Anyways, hello Spezza + Hemsky! Our forwards are up there with the elite teams in the league now with youth still coming through the farm. Blue line is the next project.

    To answer your question about the farm, they just won the Calder Cup (AHL championship) and are deep with defenders. Oleksiak, Nemeth, Klingberg, and now Honka (our 1st round pick). Klingberg and Honka are both puck moving RHD (rare) and can play point on the PP. Oleksiak and Nemeth are big defenders (Oleksiak is 6'7" former 1st round pick). We saw Nemeth in the playoffs last year and he looked solid.
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    I still think we should sign 2 good defenseman. Call up Oleksiak and let the others stay in Cedar Park
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    The defense could use a boost, but I don't think Nill is a big fan of the available free agents. I kind of agree with him. If you look at how much Washington gave to Niskanen and Orpik it shows you how weak the free agents are. Nill is looking long term, and he doesn't want to commit to guys who are not worth it. I think we will see Nemeth in the NHL to start the season and Oleksiak will most likely start the year in the AHL until he shows more consistency. Nill was known for keeping guys in the minors in Detroit, and it worked out great for them.
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    Sturm has been going up this ritchie kid. I know nothing about him.

    Is this kid ready to be a top 6 forward?

    Sounds like the stars are pretty well off Offensively...

    Can we expect much to change defensively? Pretty poor in that area, imo
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    If Ritchie impresses in camp he could very well get called up to start the season. He has a lot of potential, and is a big reason why Chiasson was expendable. He should se time in the top 6 when he gets called up.
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    It looks like there are a few D-men down in Austin that may be ready to make the jump to the NHL this season, and Nill is going to give them a shot first (I like this). If none prove ready, then he may look elsewhere if needed..

    From the DMNews...

    Follow @MikeHeika mheika@**************
    Published: 05 July 2014 12:27 PM
    Updated: 05 July 2014 06:26 PM

    Like a wine stain on a wedding gown, the Stars’ defense still has many fans seeing red.
    While general manager Jim Nill put some zing in his second line and added an admirable project at backup goalie this week, he didn’t touch the defense. That’s right, nothing. And haven’t you been hearing for the last four years that the blueline is where this team needs the most attention?
    But Nill said he has a plan, and it’s to trust the kids. His changes will come in the form of Jamie Oleksiak, Patrik Nemeth, John Klingberg, Jyrki Jokipakka and Cameron Gaunce. Nill is betting that at least two of those youngsters will take a step forward, and that the remaining defensemen will be as good or better than last season.

    Read the rest here... http://www.**************/sports/da...r-jim-nill-says-it-s-all-part-of-his-plan.ece
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    Has to be Oleksiak and Nemeth

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