Dallas vs NFL Pass Protection (endzone cam)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by hairic, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Look at the highlights of where Romo would hit Bryant on those back shoulder fades last season...where has that been at this year?
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    Its been attempted, Dez hasnt caught it a couple times and Romo has missed a couple times.
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    Release/sack/scramble (QB reaches LOS) average times. Keep in mind this is with inaccurate rounding, it's not frame accurate. I can do that, but I really don't want to:

    Romo: 2.77 seconds
    Orton: 2.7 seconds
    Both Dallas QBs: 2.75 seconds
    Cutler: 2.86 seconds
    Brady: 2.91 seconds

    Ran out of time to do the others, but GB and ARI's will be laughable from the high sack/high scrambling games I picked.
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    Our offense, especially our play action game is designed off of the man blocking schemes that Garrett grew up with in a Zampese-Turner system. Our running game is going more to a Shanahan-Gibbs-Kubiak system with zone blocking. Our play action does not look like alot of our runs.

    We don't play action the stretch play an bring a slot receiver or te across the formation very often. We don't fake the stretch play and run the te down the seam like the Texans did to find a wide open Owen Daniels running past a sucked up Laron Landry.

    We don't have much complicated motion, very few bunch formations. If we struggle to protect we immediately go 11 personnel and throw quick from the shotgun. We also still run alot of slow developing plays like deep overs and in cuts that we have trouble protecting when not in the gun. We simply have the Jason Garrett offense regardless of our personnel.

    Great offensive coordinators do one of 2 things. Correctly identify and acquire talent to fit their system or mold the best offense possible based on the talents and abilities of the players around them. Frankly, I think the guys in the latter category are geniuses and harder to find (Sean Payton, Kevin Gilbride), but I'd happily take Garrett being in category 1 which is what Andy Reid, Shannahan and Kubiak do.

    I thought we were heading toward something special last year with a healthy Demarco Murray, but this we have clearly regressed as an offense despite relative health and Tony has not taken due care of the ball.

    Hopefully we can get this turned around. I think Garrett is smart enough to not beat his head against a brick wall.
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    It does seem like our past 3 opponents have been able to shrink the field on us.
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