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    IRVING, Texas - Everyone loves to pick.
    For most of us, we have to settle for the fantasy drafts. But often, it's more fun to make the picks than actually play out the season.
    It's no different with the NFL Draft. The Cowboys might not have a first-round pick, but they've still got 11 selections. The most they've ever had in one draft is 10.
    Who knows what will happen this year? It certainly isn't me.
    In fact, no team, unless you're sitting up there in the top three or four spots - no team really knows who it will pick. All the teams know what they like. But no one really knows how this whole crazy two-day weekend will unfold.
    That being said, it never hurts to try. Just for fun, and believe me, it's nothing more than that, let's go through the draft rounds and make the Cowboys' picks for them.
    Remember, Jerry Jones wheels and deals more than anyone on draft day. So to assume the Cowboys will end up with these same 11 picks is crazy. It won't happen.
    Actually, when you look at this roster, it's hard to imagine more than seven or eight rookies making this team. Last year, only five rookies made it. So picking 11 guys, especially this year, in the final season of this current Collective Bargaining Agreement, might not be the best option.
    In the past, if the Cowboys cut some seventh-round pick at the end of camp, his signing bonus would prorate over two seasons. However, with the CBA setup, all contracts will hit the cap immediately. So if the Cowboys take 11 players and end up cutting about half of them, that's a lot of wasted signing bonus coming back to hit the cap.
    That being said, it will probably make more sense for the Cowboys to use some of these picks to move up and gain more value, either in this draft or possibly in next year's.
    OK, but none of that will probably happen until draft day. Seeing that we're still about 10 days from the draft, all we have to go by are these 11 picks.
    So let's take a stab at it for fun.
    2nd Round (51st overall)
    Max Unger, C, Oregon
    - There are so many ways the Cowboys can go here in this second round, which has turned out to be the most important pick of the draft simply because it's their first. And remember, there could be several players with first-round grades that are falling into the middle of the second round. If that happens, the Cowboys might get antsy and move up. That could happen for a few positions, like safety, wide receiver, either linebacker spot or maybe even an offensive tackle. But at this spot right here, let's go with Unger, a player the Cowboys wouldn't hesitate to grab despite having a three-time Pro Bowler in Andre Gurode. Unger's best position is center, but he could possibly play another spot early in his career. Unger (6-5, 299) started his collegiate career at tackle and earned second-team All-Pac 10 honors before finishing up at center, where he was a first-team selection the last two years. It might be time for the Cowboys to look for the future at center, but select a guy who might compete at another offensive line spot right away. And don't forget, Gurode could always move back to guard, a spot he played his first three seasons.
    3rd Round (69th overall)
    Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
    - This is a position where a player could contribute right away. A former walk-on at Alabama, Johnson turned himself into one of the nation's top safeties. He may not be the most athletic safety of the group, but he seems to be in the right spot and has a knack for the big play. The Cowboys have been hit or miss with Alabama safeties before. Let's hope Johnson is closer to George Teague than Tony Dixon.
    4th Round (101st overall)
    Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland
    - This might be a stretch, considering Barnes has been projected as a mid-third-round pick. But the Cowboys would love to get an athletic corner such as Barnes here with this first pick of the fourth round. Barnes (6-1, 188) had a great combine workout, running in the 4.4 range. Coupled with his good size, his stock is rising despite starting just one year at Maryland. With just Newman, Scandrick and Jenkins with any experience, the Cowboys need to be right on yet another corner.
    4th Round (117th overall)
    Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson
    - The Cowboys need some depth at defensive tackle, but not to the point to go reaching for one in the earlier rounds. The Cowboys are actually pretty high on Junior Siavii and Tim Anderson as backups to Jay Ratliff. But some youth in the middle is always needed and Scott could provide that. At 6-4, 310, he is the prototype nose tackle, but consistency has been an issue. But in the fourth round, there is always some issue. The Cowboys would be excited if Scott is still around for this pick.
    5th Round (156th overall)
    Mike Wallace, WR, Ole Miss
    - Finally, some speed. I've been asking for a player like this for about two years now. And for some reason, I've been touting Wallace for the last few months. Obviously, when you take a receiver in the fifth round, he has some flaws. With Wallace, he's not the most polished route runner and has too many drops. But one thing you can't question is the speed. Wallace is a flat-out burner, running anywhere from a high 4.2 to the low 4.3 range. Either way, he can fly and that's what the Cowboys need. At this stage, give me a run-first, develop-second type of receiver.
    5th Round (166th overall)
    Brandon Williams, DE/OLB, Texas Tech
    - The more I look at this list, I find it hard to think the Cowboys will wait this long to get a pass rusher. But at this stage in the draft, you need to find those "tweeners" who are looking for a position. Williams led the Big XII last year with 11 sacks. He might lack the size at 6-5, 252 to play every snap, but he wouldn't be asked to do that right away. For starters, he could be a nickel pass-rusher, which is something he already knows how to do. The Cowboys visited with Williams during "Dallas Day" earlier this week.
    5th Round (172nd overall)
    Michael Thomas, WR, Arizona
    - OK, so if Wallace doesn't work out, the Cowboys can fall back on yet another receiver. At this point in the draft, you're looking for value. Michael Thomas has value, if he indeed can last this long. At 5-8, 185 pounds, Thomas is lacking size, but is a strong receiver who can play the slot and is a good punt returner. He runs good routes and can catch the football, two things he did very well in two workouts. His ability to contribute in two areas would make him a solid pick.
    6th Round (197th overall)
    Jasper Brinkley, LB, South Carolina
    - Here's some help for the inside linebacker position. Obviously, I think the Cowboys have some depth at this spot with Bradie James, Keith Brooking and, yes, Bobby Carpenter. But depth is always needed and Brinkley could give that, along with some special teams help. The 6-2, 265-pound backer has great size, he just hasn't played a lot, having transferred from the junior college ranks and then getting injured as a junior. But he's a solid tackler and would be a good fit in a 3-4 scheme.
    6th Round (208th overall)
    Dan Gay, OT, Baylor
    - The Cowboys would be pleased to land the "other" Baylor offensive tackle. Gay played opposite Jason Smith, who is projected to be the first or second overall pick. But in his own right, Gay is a good prospect, mainly because of his size. At 6-4, 314, he's got plenty of strength. And you know he's faced some stiff competition with opposing teams often looking to get their best pass-rusher away from Smith. Still, Gay held his own. And he's still learning. Gay came to Baylor as a defensive tackle but switched to offense his last two years.
    7th Round (210th overall)
    Bear Pascoe, TE, Fresno State
    - For the name alone, you've got to get this guy, right? Actually, he looks every bit like a Bear as well. He's not Jason Witten by any means, but he's just a big, thumping tight end who would probably be No. 3 on the depth chart. He could be used in goal line sets. But despite his 6-5, 260-pound frame, Pascoe could help somewhat in the passing game. He did have 40 catches for 400 yards and four touchdowns as a senior. But with Witten and Martellus Bennett, any tight end added to this team will be battling with Rodney Hannah for that third spot.
    7th Round (227th overall)
    Rudy Carpenter, QB, Arizona State
    - With 11 picks, you have to get a quarterback, right? The Cowboys could use a third guy to develop. Carpenter might be the best of the bunch in the seventh round. He's a big kid (6-2, 222) but doesn't have that rocket arm. (Not many rocket arms are still around in the seventh round). But his accuracy and toughness are two of his best qualities, and he's a fast learner, having had to adjust to a few new offenses in college.
    OK, that's my 11. Again, I'll be more than shocked if the Cowboys finish this draft with 11 players. Expect some trades here and there, especially the ones that package a few picks to move up. The Cowboys will have the ammunition to trade up a few spots, or rounds, in order to grab high-rated players still on the board.
    Here are a few other guys the Cowboys will keep an eye on, especially if they start dropping come draft day:
    • Connor Barwin, DE, Cincinnati
    • Eric Wood, C, Louisville
    • Sean Smith, CB, Utah
    • Tyrone McKenzie, OLB, South Florida
    • Troy Kropog, OT, Tulane
    • David Bruton, S, Notre Dame
    • Johnnie Knox, WR, Abilene Christian
    • Mike Goodson, RB, Texas A&M
    • OT Troy Kropog, Tulane
    • OLB Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida
    So, who really knows what will happen? It's all a crapshoot anyhow. If one of those names are wearing a blue star on May 1 for the rookie mini-camp, I'll deem this list a success.
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    Center eh... not sure what to say about that as our first pick, definitely not sexy but could be smart.
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    Ehh center?? I absolutly love the rest of the picks though..I could live with those.

    I'd like to see Sidbury or Sintim at 51 instead of Unger.
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    I would be okay with everyone in that draft except Brandon Williams. Sub Frantz Joseph or someone who can play OLB (Melton maybe?) for that pick and it would be a nice draft.
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    If we draft a center then proctor will be gone-so thats a positive.
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    I'm anti Gurode, so I'd be THRILLED to get a real center in here. Three running years now he's been starting now and can't snap the ball and has frequent mental lapses. Move him back to guard.
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    Swap Thomas w/Wallace and the first 5 picks of this mock are stellar. Great value picks, fit areas of need, and the players are polished enough to contribute immediately in some fashion (no development or transition guys).

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