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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, May 3, 2011.

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    I thought it was a little funny to hear some of the draft experts say Dwayne Harris had bad hands. I don’t know how you catch 101 passes as a senior at East Carolina and have bad hands. I’m sure he had some drops, but bad hands? I said this on draft day and some of you didn’t like it, but this guy is Patrick Crayton. He can work the slot. He’s quick rather than fast. He can take a hit and keep going. He can be in the return game. He can also cover kicks, which means he could be a Sam Hurd type, too.

    ** The Cowboys had some inside info on fifth-round cornerback Josh Thomas. He played for secondary coach Brett Maxie at the East-West Shrine Game. Thomas said the two hit it off immediately. You can’t discount the info coaches can get from working hands on with prospects on the practice field and in the meeting room. Reading scouting reports and listening to him talk, Thomas reminds me of Orlando Scandrick.

    ** Once again if you find out who comes to Valley Ranch for visits prior to the draft you will have a pretty good idea of who the Cowboys will take. Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter, DeMarco Murray and Josh Thomas all paid a visit. Smith, Carter and Murray were among the 30 national visitors. Thomas was a Dallas Day kid. In 2010, Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah and Sam Young were all pre-draft visitors.
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    Found this interesting...

    ** UCLA safety Rahim Moore was one of those players in for a visit to Valley Ranch, as well, but let’s just say he did not make a favorable impression.
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    You have to wonder if it was just the visit that turned them off or was it the overall body of work. There seemed to be a number of draft analysts that were not that impressed with Moore and viewed him more as a 3rd rounder. Perhaps Dallas felt the same way about him.
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    ** In the future, pay attention to guys like Nate Solder, Anthony Castonzo, Danny Watkins, Cameron Jordan, Mark Ingram, Cam Heyward and Muhammad Wilkerson. Had the Cowboys made that deal with Jacksonville for the No. 9 pick, I believe they would have ended up with one of the tackles and traded back into the first round to take Watkins, Jordan, Ingram, Heyward or Wilkerson. Tyron Smith has to be the player the Cowboys believe he will be to justify not making the trade for the Jaguars’ first two picks

    Im glad it worked out like it did. I'm extremely happy we got Tyron and would have been upset if we traded back in and had to give up a high pick for next year like the saints did for Ingram. That's ok for them they didn't have the holes that we do. JMO
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    Supposely, there were four players Dallas was interested in taking and two of those players had been taken by the time they selected at 9. If three of the four had been available, I think it would have been more likely they would have traded down with Jacksonville. With that extra second round pick, they would have more ammunition to trade back into the first round.

    I think that three of the four players they targeted were probably defensive players. With Detroit liking T Smith, it's likely they would have gone defense with the first pick and then have taken an OT with a trade up into round one.
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    I think that came from post season workouts. Scouts said he had a hard time catching the ball.
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    I have no problem with him playing elsewhere.

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