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    Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Cameron Heyward, DT/DE, Ohio State
    Jonathan Bales
    Some of you have been talking about Ohio State DT/DE Cameron Heyward lately, so I figured I’d take a look at him and provide my assessment. Heyward has experience in a variety of defensive fronts, but he would play defensive end in the Cowboys’ 3-4 alignment.

    I’ve already graded the Cowboys’ defensive linemen in 2010. In that post, you’ll notice the highest grade given to a defensive end was a ‘C’ handed out to Stephen Bowen. That’s pretty sad. The Cowboys desperately need a defensive end who can rush the passer, even if it means moving Jay Ratliff to the position.

    Scouting Report

    At 6’5”, 288 pounds, Heyward has the size to hold up at defensive end for Dallas. He has a good frame which appears could add some additional bulk as well. To go with that size, Heyward has a tremendous motor. I watched five or so games of his and never saw him quit on a play, which is quite impressive for a big man.

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