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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
    Jonathan Bales

    Unfortunately for Dallas, there are no elite offensive tackle prospects in this year’s draft. Theoretically, we might not see an offensive tackle selected in the first 20 picks. Now tackles tend to rise before the draft and there are a bunch of players at the position projected to go late in the first round. Still, the Cowboys should be able to trade down and still secure one of the best offensive tackles in the draft. The question will be whether that player can play right tackle and if using a selection on such a player is worth the cost.

    Scouting Report

    At 6’9”, 315 pounds, Nate Solder is absolutely mammoth. At such a height, Solder actually has room to put on some solid weight. The typical scouting report on Solder says he struggles as a run blocker but can secure the edge in pass protection. I disagree with that assessment. As I’ve watched Solder, I’ve noticed a player who is athletic enough to get to the second level in the run game. Take a look at him at the 1:45 mark in the video below.
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    That post just OPENED my Eyes!!! BUT!!! I STILL BELIEVE IN NATE SOLDER!!!!!
  3. rash

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    I've been talking about this guy for a while now.

    It seems as though only Mike Mayock is high on him.

    Even if we take him at 9, I will be one happy camper
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    Some see Nate Solder as a potential Tony Boselli when he matures, gains some weight, and NFL experience. I'd have NO problem with sliding down and grabbing any of the top tier OT's in this draft. We could probably trade down with some team picking 10-15 and still grab Solder or Carmini or Contanzo (plus pick up an extra 3rd or 4th round pick. With our losing record and top 10 picks in each round, we should be able to grab a top tier OT, OG, and C in this draft and rejuvenate our OL.

    If everyone remembers Emmitt Smith's best years (with 3 Rings), we had the best OL in the NFL. There's NO way we compete with the Packers or Giants or Saints or Bears or Vikings or Eagles without a top tier Offensive Line.

    Again, if we grab a top tier OT, OG, C, and mammoth NT in this year's draft, we instantly make the Dallas Cowboys relevant again. We can pick up the rest of our needs (RB, FB, FS, and ILB via Free Agency, Rds 5-7, or in next's year draft. At least, that's what alot of us think in the Midwest (Indy area) about the Cowboys' needs since we see the Colts, Bears, Steelers, and Jets play on TV on a regular basis. No top tier O-Line, you can't compete with the big boys. Note: And, yes, we all know that Polian hasn't done a great job building a great O-Line in Indy. And, we diehard Colts fans suffer for it.

    Go Boys
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    Why can't we take a gamechanger on D with the 9th pick,then trade up with our 2nd round pick @ a future pick to get into the 20's and get one of the top tackles.
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    I've heard a lot of good things, read a lot of good things but what I just watched made me think twice about Solder. I'm not sold.
  7. acer941

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    What did you Watch?!?!!?
  8. jobberone

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    I'd stick with the pick at 9 and then trade up into the bottom of the first round for a tackle.
  9. rash

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    Solder is a gamer. hes one of those guys that doesn't impress you all that much during practice, but when comes to play on the weekends.

    I am sold on this guy 100 percent. I know hes a bit of a risk because he hasn't had much time at T, but his ceiling is just so darn high.
  10. baj1dallas

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    But we don't need a high ceiling. We need a guy to come in and start right away.
  11. rash

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    I think in order to become great, you have to take some risks.

    We are not trying to be a mediocre team here. Settling for average isn't enough.

    Hence, I say take the guy with extreme upside who can become a perennial All-Pro. Nate Solder is exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to someone who can be destined for greatness
  12. acer941

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    Which he can do, its not like he can play worse than marc columbo. Unlike Columbo, solder can actually get better and be a Pro Bowler or even a All Pro.
  13. rash

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    Thanks acer. Cash money comment there.

    Solder is gunna be a man among boys for years to come. Lets not forget he plays in a higher altitude so he fitness shouldn't be an issue. He can focus sheerly on his technique and how to take advantage of his MONSTER frame
  14. realtick

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    Carimi > Solder.....all day, every day, and twice on Sundays.
  15. UnoDallas

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    Carimi, Sherrod, Costanzo,> Solder.....all day, every day, and twice on Sundays.

    I'd take Smith over Solder
  16. Cowboy Brian

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    Solder is going to be a RT, i'd like someone with potential to be a LT atleast.
  17. acer941

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    Solder has the best Potential out of all the OT to be a LT in the NFL!
    Incredible Footwork, Good Bend for a 6'8 OT, Above Average Strenght.

    Carimi? Perferct to be a RT, Strong and a Good run blocker, Average Footwork.

    Castanzo? Has the makings to be a LT in maybe 3 or more years.

    Smith? Is another story he can Perform well at either OT spot and the ability to do it well if he agains about 20 or 30 pounds.
  18. Jaxonsdaddd

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    I think all of these guys are RT's and you dont take RT's with top ten picks. Ever.

    I think Solder wil be the best of the routinely discussed "top 5". I hope the boys can trade into the bottom of the first round and grab one of them in the late 20's
  19. This is Our Year

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    I was gonna start a thread on Solder. Seems like he's only going to rise up the draft boards imo. I really would have no problem sliding down a few picks and taking this guy. Solder at LT Free at RT, that would be money if Solder realizes his potential!
  20. realtick

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    I'd beg to differ on about two out of three of those claims.

    Solder's footwork, or lack thereof is what causes him to have problems with speed rushers. It also remains to be seen how strong he is (have to wait until the Combine).

    Solder is tall and relatively lanky, he has a lot of room for growth (altough he has narrow shoulders), but as it stands now he doesn't strike me as someone who is powerful at all.

    Carimi has an NFL body/frame right now by comparison.

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