Dallas's first pick in the draft will be...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Qwickdraw

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    an OT.
    The pick will likely come off of a short trade down, if the price is right.

    You're welcome. ;)
  2. cowboysfan31

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    If it comes after a trade down, and the OT's name is Winston Justice or D'Brickashaw Ferguson then I'll be happy. If it has anything to do with McNeil, Winston, or that group of OTs I'll be quite pissed.
  3. Sasquatch

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    Agreed, and based on Jerry's recent comments and how most mock drafts seem to be shaping up, I would not be surprised if we nab a CB which might be a good value at 18.
  4. Qwickdraw

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    AFTER trading down???

    Please send me some of what you have been smoking. :D
  5. silverbear

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    The Cowboys will not draft an offensive lineman or a safety in the first round... they won't draft a safety in the second round either...

    I say this because Jerry's said so, in interviews in the not too distant past... of course, he could have been blowing smoke (he's been less than honest with us in the past), but I do believe he's made an effort to be more straightforward in his interviews in recent years...

    Personally, I don't know how I feel about this philosophical approach, there are really nice offensive linemen and defensive backs who could be had in the first round... I'm just reading the smoke signals that Jerry's been sending out there...

    That leaves either linebacker or wide receiver with the first round pick, and the wide receivers at the top of this draft really aren't all that impressive...

    So, I figure the Boys will upgrade their linebacking corps in the first round, hopefully after a trade down... then in the second round, they'll pick up one of the offensive linemen... in the third round, they get their safety, and if they were successful in working a trade down in the first round, they add a wide receiver with the extra pick they acquired (if no trade down is swung, then there are still some interesting wideouts likely to be on the board in the fifth round...

    Here's how I could see it shaking out:

    1st round (or even early second round, in the event of a trade down):

    Bobby Carpenter, Manny Lawson, Kamerion Wimbley or Thomas Howard...

    2nd round:

    Charles Spencer, Jonathon Scott or Chris Chester...

    3rd round (Safety):

    Pat Watkins, Anthony Smith or Cedric Griffin...

    3rd round (Wide Receiver):

    Martin Nance, Todd Watkins or Hank Baskett...

    To support my theories, note that the Boys have looked at a lot of linebackers who figure to go early-- Lawson, Wimbley, Ernie Sims, Carpenter, Parys Haralson...

    As for offensive linemen projected to go around the second round, they've shown interest in Spencer, Davin Joseph, Scott, Darryn Colledge and Chester...

    At free safety, they've reportedly shown interest in Danieal Manning, Griffin, Watkins, Greg Blue and Smith, all of whom might still be on the board at pick 80...

    As for first day wide receivers, well, they've looked at a whole boatload of them-- Demetrius Williams, Mike Hass, Travis Wilson, Nance, Watkins, Baskett, Brad Smith (who's making the switch from quarterback), Jonathon Orr and Greg Jennings...

    But if they elected to wait until the fifth round, they could still choose from the likes of Miles Austin, Marques Colston, Cory Rodgers, Reggie McNeal (another quarterback conversion project), Brandon Williams, Jeff Webb, Brandon Marshall or even king-sized Anthony Mix...

    There's not much exciting talent at wide receiver at the top of the draft, but in rounds two through five you might see as many as twenty wideouts with NFL potential claimed...
  6. cobra

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    BP has never drafted an OT in the first round.

    He won't this year either.

    The value won't be there.

    We have 2 starters right now and a decent backup.

    I think we *will* take an OT, but it isn't happening in the 1st round. The value that will be there at #18 and the fact that BP has never taken one in the 1st make me confident that its not happening.
  7. Clove

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    Jerry did mention that he wouldn't do that, but I don't know if it's because he's planning on trading out of the 1st round so he can stay true to his word.

    I wouldn't mind any of the 2nd tear Tackles if we dropped out of the 1st or something, but not in the middle part of the 1st round.
  8. Maxmadden

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    I won't disagree with any of these assessments, I think they're really solid.

    But to base anything on what Jerry has said seems ludacris. Why would he give any inclination on who and where we would draft if they really wanted that player(s) to be there and they wanted to have any leverage in trades?

    He might be speaking the truth but he has to throw enough sh** out there that he would at least make others question his intentions.

    I hope he is lying through his teeth when it comes to any of his draft rumblings. Just hope he has a good poker face.
  9. kiheikiwi

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    If we were to take an OT in the 1st, the only one would be Winston Justice. Other then him, LBer all the way.
  10. cowboysfan31

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    I was being quite sarcastic, but I would not want a round 1 or high 2nd round OT besides either of those two players.
  11. 5mics

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    I'm sticking to my mocks; see below.....:D
  12. DiscipleofTuna

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    Would Eric Moore and Jumbo Elliott count as first round Parcells picks?

    Would Randy Thomas count being he didnt have a first the year he was drafted?
  13. Bob Sacamano

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    silver, Dallas also reportedly talked to Bullocks
  14. ghst187

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    I definitely agree with your analysis SB,

    I would add Davin Joseph to possibilities in the second and third. We have shown interest in him and, ever-importantly to BP, he can play G or T.

    Did we talk to DT Fifita also? I was thinking that we did but maybe not. If not, we should. We need another NT plugger and he fits that profile perfectly.
  15. burmafrd

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    I use to live in Utah and I called a friend who is a Utah grad and a big fan. He said fifita is too short for a regular DT but is perfect as a NT- incredibly strong and when set will not be moved. Has pretty good quickness and can really push. To me that sounds like a textbook NT. ANd we can get him either late fourth if we trade to get one or maybe early fifth. I would be happy to use a fourth on him because I think that is where he rates now as regards NT.
  16. dbair1967

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    Elliott wasnt a 1st rd pick, he was a 2nd rd pick the same yr that the Giants picked Moore in rd 1...and Parcells didnt run those drafts either

  17. Manster74

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    If anyone really believes that Jerry is telling the media his draft strategy, then let me know so I can send you a clue. Obviously you don't have one.

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