News: Dan Bailey set touchback mark vs. Bills

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    don't know if this has been posted here but here you go.

    Dan Bailey set touchback mark vs. Bills
    November, 18, 2011
    NOV 18
    AM CT
    By Todd Archer
    IRVING, Texas -- Who knew Dan Bailey had such a strong leg?

    For as far back as can be researched by the team, Bailey’s six touchbacks Sunday against Buffalo were a team record. Lin Elliott had five on Nov. 1, 1992 and David Buehler had four six times in his first two-plus seasons.

    But as good as Bailey was, it is usually followed by, “well, it came indoors at Cowboys Stadium.” OK, but Bailey will get the chance to kickoff outdoors Sunday at FedEx Field against Washington, however, the forecast appears to be favorable.

    “Having David here the past few years, he’s obviously got one of the strongest legs in the league and something you can kind of get used to [on kickoffs],” Bailey said. “It does help a team out a lot. You have to be realistic and kind of realize we’re not the same. He’s obviously got a stronger leg than I do. But I think I’ve proven I can handle it. Maybe not kick the touchbacks like he can, but I know I’m capable of going out there and executing our game plan, whether that’s direction or kicking it as deep as I can.”
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    Honestly this has just as much to do with our ability to score than it does his leg.
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    All the touchback records will be broken now that they kick off from 5 yards closer.
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    ST weapon status now. Hope its now a single roster spot.
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    It will be....
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    Um ... for decades they kicked off from the 35 before it was moved to the 30. All the touchback records are not going to suddenly be wiped out.
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    Of course they will. They pretty much already have.

    In 1993, the last year with kickoffs at the 35, 27% went for touchbacks. This year, we're at 46%. That'll go down as the weather gets colder, but it won't go anywhere near as low as 27%.

    The record for most touchbacks league-wide in a season has already been set this year - in week 8. Yeah, there are 2 more teams now than in 1993, but it's going to be shattered by so much that that's irrelevant.

    The record for most touchbacks by a kicker in a season was tied last year by Billy Cundiff, at 40. That's going to be shattered this year - in fact, I believe Morstead of New Orleans has already broken it, but only lists his punting stats, so I'm not sure they're all his. Mason Crosby's at 33, though, and I think it's safe to say he'll take it out.
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    And in 1993 they were still allowed to use 3" high tees. Now they are limited to 1" high tees. Maybe the balls are lighter. :D
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    The standards for kickers have gone through the roof. Even if you throw out all the old straight-ahead kicking. Morten Andersen, one of the greatest kickers of all time averaged below 80% on FGs. Jan Stenerud, one of the early soccer style kickers averaged below 70%.

    More is expected of your run of the mill kicker now than ever before. Most kickers in the league are capable of kicks in the low 50s. Used to, that was almost unheard of.
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    Good confident answer by Bailey.. didn't throw Buehler under the bus either.

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