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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Teague31, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Mel Kiper has Cody, the DE from Oklahoma has the #2 overall prospect on his board. If the chips fall right, he could be there at 11. He did not look all that impressive to me in the Orange Bowl. Anyone have thoughts on this guy?
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    I like Mel, but Cody is not worth #2. He's not even worth #11.

    He could eventually be a Patrick Kerney type guy but only if he really impresses in his workouts. If he does so, MAYBE I take him at #20.

    The Big Hair has him about 20 spots higher than everyone else. That should tell you something.
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    As an Oklahoma fan, I'll say honestly that Cody was one of the few who did NOT quit at any point in that game. He was the only person who put any pressure on Leinart at all, getting a sack other pressures.

    In watching the game, you can tell that Chow gameplanned around Cody, constantly rolling Leinart away from his side, forcing Cody to not only beat his man, but then chase Leinart all the way across the field. That tells me a lot about what the USC staff thought about his potential impact on the game.

    I think #2 is possibly a bit high, but then I think #1 for Benson is insane as well. Cody strikes me as being perhaps a bit too small for the NFL right now, but Stoops has used him much like he used Kearse at Florida and has compared the two favorably.

    I've seen mocks where he was there in the late teens and twenties and would love it if we got him there.

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