Dan Pompei believes OT Solder is the only legitimate 1st tackle in this year draft'

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Scout Talk: Offensive Tackle Class of 2011
    If it’s an offensive tackle you need in the April draft, the best advice may be hold your fire. Let the first round pass. And then jump. A number of offensive tackles look like solid second and third rounders. But the only one who looks like a legitimate first rounder at this point is Colorado’s Nate Solder. Other tackles who are chosen in the first may be picked too high because of the vacuum caused by the lack of talent at the position.

    Solder has the kind of length and athleticism teams look for in a left tackle. He doesn’t have the kind of power and anchor ability you want in a top 10 pick, however.

    The next two tackles in line right now are Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo and Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi. Castonzo clearly has the athleticism and quickness to play the left side, whereas Carimi might be better suited to be a right tackle in the pros.

    Two wildcards who could heat up or cool off in the postseason are Mississippi State’s Derek Sherrod and Texas Christian’s Marcus Cannon. Each has first round ability, but neither has shown enough consistency to make a team feel secure using a first round pick on him.

    Two players with second round grades who have left tackle feet are DeMarcus Love of Arkansas and James Brewer of Indiana. Love is a little off and on though, and Brewer is considered somewhat of a developmental prospect.

    Right tackle prospects who are highly considered include Lee Ziemba of Auburn, Danny Watkins of Baylor and Orlando Franklin of Miami.
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    Don Pompei is trippin', lol.

    The Nate Solder that I've watched is a guy that struggles with small and quick defensive ends. While he is pretty athletic for a guy his size, he struggles moving laterally left and right. I also don't see his height (apx. 6'8") as a real benefit; he is able to squat down pretty well, but his frame is so big that strong bull rushers will get under his chest.

    I would take Derrek Sherrod over him without blinking.

    All things considered, I would take Gabe Carimi over him too. Carimi is an excellent run blocker and very good pass blocker. In his game against Iowa this year, he was driving Adrian Clayborn literally 3-5 yards off the line. He would make a great replacement for Colombo at RT.
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    I would take Carimi too, if he lasts to the 2nd. Cowboys already have a couple of athletic OT projects on the roster.
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    put me down for love in the second, he could be our RT for a year or two then battle free for LT. the guy would be a beast in the run game

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