Dan Pompei looks at several Prospects NFL front office men were talking about afte SR

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    If Sam Bradford were in Miami or Jacksonville or Washington or someplace else, chances are Fisher would not be in St. Louis. Bradford isn’t the only thing the new Rams coach likes about his job, mind you. But Bradford was a big draw. “The exciting part is Mr. Kroenke’s vision, the direction he wants to take this football team,” Fisher told me. “I’m honored and privileged to be a part of that. This is an opportunity to build a foundation. And Sam was a big part of the decision.”

    Fisher arguably never has had a chance to work with a quarterback with as much potential as Bradford, though he has coached some good ones. There was Steve McNair, who was a three-time Pro Bowler and the co-most valuable player in 2003. There was Vince Young, the third overall pick of the draft and a Heisman winner. There was Kerry Collins, who has thrown for more yards than all but nine players in NFL history.

    Bradford should be better than all of them. “We think he has a chance to be grrrreat,” Fisher said, sounding a little like he was pitching Frosted Flakes. “A lot of people around the league believe that. We are going to everything possible to make that happen.”
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    Click on the link and scroll down. The part he is referring to in the title is towards the bottom of the article.

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