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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dantheman41, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I've posted entire offseason threads, but this is my first specific mock draft thread. I have been reviewing all the film on these guys so I am trying to get the best mock for this team.

    Maybe this is unrealistic, but I think it would be an awesome situation for this team.

    1st Round (Slide down later in the 1st, pick up extra 3rd) - Zach Martin G/T - Can play any position on the offensive line. Absolutely dominated at the senior bowl, and shut down a lot of the best defensive line players at either position. Gives us a really good defensive line for years to come.

    2nd Round - Will Sutton DT - Once he goes back to the 290-300 range, he can be back to his dominating, disruptive force again like he was in 2012. He was still good at 305, but he loses a little of the explosion. Can play either 1 or the 3.

    3rd Round - Dominique Easley DT - One of my biggest pet cats. Yes, I know he has had 2 knee injuries in the past 2 years. But I really don't care. He is an absolute freak. Top 10 pick if he didn't hurt his knee this year. He is an absolute monster, and I would certainly take him if he fell to the 3rd.

    3rd Round - Marcus Smith DE - I know he didn't have the greatest senior bowl week, part of that was because they were trying to play him at linebacker, which is not his natural position. I watched a lot of tape on this player, and i am convinced after watching the tape, he could be a dominant disruptive player we need.

    4th Round - Terrence Brooks FS - I think this guy could be an absolute steal. Possesses range and coverage ability I haven't seen from any other safety other then Pryor. I actually like him better then Clinton-Dix. Watched 3 games of him, and fell in love.

    5th Round - Aaron Murray QB - Not sure he drops this far, but it is certainly possible. His lack of height, and his injury concerns will certainly drop him low.

    7th Round - Cody Mandelll P - We need a good punter! Help win position battles in some of these close games.

    7th Round - Jonathan Brown OLB - Competition for Bruce Carter.

    7th Round - Andre Hal CB
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  2. tm1119

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    I wouldn't at all mind if we traded back and get Martin. But I'm about 90% sure Jerry isn't going o line in the 1st. Hes already said that another o lineman in the 1st would be investing too many resources in 1 spot

    Will Sutton's arm length scares me. Unless he tests more athletically than I think I probably would go with another DT in the 2nd.

    Love both 3rd round picks and the 4th though
  3. jobberone

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    Would have to think about drafting a QB even at 5. I don't know how they feel about drafting a tackle. Depends on how they feel about Weems and Parnell. However a true G/T is valuable; it's just a resource spent which might not be necessary. I don't know. Nix on the punter. Like the other position picks. Don't know the players much.
  4. RS12

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    Would love to have a dominant O Line. I think Martin would make that happen. Dont know about Sutton, I think he has high bust potential. I think Easley in round 3 would be a bargain.
  5. Chris in Arizona

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    I really like your first 3 picks then it falls off quickly IMO.

    Easley will probably go before Round 3 unless there is a setback with his recovery.
  6. Marktui

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    Really like this draft. Martin would be a great addition. Sutton version in 2012 was playing at a high caliber and Easley is a freak both interior players that are one gap disruptive players.
  7. Boys122

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    I don't hate the 1st pick at all but it's highly unlikely Jerry goes OL with our first pick. It'll be defense.
  8. Oh_Canada

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    Like this draft, it would be tough to ignore Martin if he could be had in the 20's. I am generally opposed to an olineman in the first round, but at that spot and having his versatility seperates him from other guards/tackles available to Dallas.

    As good as he is, Easley has to check out medically, not sure about a guy with two major knee surgeries in a row. Really like the Marcus Smith pick, I agree with your assessment on him.
  9. DuDa

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    Wow, its like we are on the same brain waves or something. Here is a mock draft I did just a few days ago:

    Trade down to 23, receive additional 3rd:
    1. Aaron Donald, DT, Pitt
    2. Marcus Smith, Louisville or Michael Sam, Missouri
    3. Terrence Brooks, S, FSU
    3b.Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia
    4. Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson
    5. Calvin Barnett, DT, Oklahoma St.
    6. Jonathan Brown, OLB, Illinois
    7. De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon ( I highly doubt he lasts but this is where he is projected right now)
    7. Pat O’Donnel, P, Miami
  10. Hardline

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    I would love to see the day when all 5 starting OL are first round draft picks. And so would Tony Romo .

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