Daniel Snyder is killing the free agency,this off season

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by 1Ware1, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Maybe we have to give this guy some credit after all.As much as I hate the skins ,he is makeing the availability of signing marquee free agents tough.I think its all part of his plan.
    If he pays average at best receivers and linebackers high dollar,this will make the guys that are worth high dollar want more money,hence equalling his cap,I mean,yeah he is overpaying for junk players but he is realley hurting the market for teams to sign more than one great free agent.
    So ,the players should love this guy he is makeing them worth more money,I mean signing Randal Ell for all that cash,Do you realley think he deservers to be payed more than Santanna Moss or Steve Smith?This is a joke.I think he has a plan to make the market so high and the players demands so high,that nobody will be able to afford to pay the great players what they are worth.
    Just an opinion,thankyou for your time
  2. Juke99

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    Could be....then again, it could simply be that has a ton of money to spend and tends to throw it around without concern.
  3. bert

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    Interesting observations and you might not be too far off on your thinking. Danny Boy is a sly one indeed. I don't understand the dollars he threw at Randal El myself, seems a bit steep for a guy who will never be more then a No. 2 go to receiver in the league at best.
  4. trueblue1687

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    The guy is a ****** with alot of money. He, like many fans, dismiss the idea of actually coaching NEW talent, instead signing lots and lots of big names in hopes that it brings home a trophy. That can happen, but most likely and most often does not. Some of his signings this FA period have been ok-good, but soem have been a crap-shoot also. Archuletta is a huge underachiever who got alot of hype coming out of college but hasn't done squat in the NFL. Randel El was paid WAY too much for what he does. It'll be interesting to see how he fits. I don't think he's planning ahead that far to try an d impact the market as a whole, tho. He's trying to win a Lombardi through free agency.
  5. riggo

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    you may be right....but then, they said he overpaid for moss last year.
  6. riggo

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    there's a thread about gibbs history with the draft by henry posted yesterday. basically, gibbs preferred using vets over draft picks. worked out well for him.

    i pointed out yesterday that the skins have actually had more first rounders than dallas since snyders been here- most of them have been very good players.

    i would argue that the draft is a crapshoot more than FA, but thats just me.
  7. dbair1967

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    he vastly overpaid for all the free agents he signed this yr...but unlike a few yrs ago when he vastly overpaid for "big name" free agents who were old or washed up, he signed young free agents that while overpaid, do have upside

    they have a tremendous coaching staff...Snyder may have overpaid those free agents, but that staff will get the most out of those guys...they were a better team than us last yr, and they are more talented overall today than the team that played in January..we have alot of catching up to do

  8. Jarv

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    Can I get a link to that. Henry has a smart football mind and I repect the guy a lot. Like to read what he said.
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    Well the day Sean Taylor gets back from court... Danny b better have 15 million waiting for him because if he is smart (and that ship hasnt come in yet) he will hold out and should hold out after Arch got a check for 10 million!

    what am I saying he doesnt have to be smart to HOLDOUT... his agent will take care of that!!!
  10. leotisbrown

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    Snyder the dirty cheet money grub liar needs to be investigate by federal forces and dragged to a secret warehouse and worked over by the no wholes barred boys until he confesses what manipulates he's using to get over on the cap.
  11. trueblue1687

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    You didn't read what I wrote closely enough...I said SOME of his (Snyder's) latest signings are crap shoots, not FA collectively. I think the facts speak for themselves on Archuletta...stats vs money/contract=Snyder hitting the crack pipe too often.
  12. SkinsFan26

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    Moss sucks, he got lucky :D
  13. zrinkill

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    Snyder doesnt have to be a genius as long as the head man in the league is a Redskin fan ............ ;)
  14. riggo

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  15. TC4

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    Yeah that's gonna work :rolleyes:

    Are you by any chance Saddam Hussein?

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