Danny Coale tears ACL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sampson, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. justbob

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    Keep it on the the thread. Enough of the jabs and insults.
  2. tomson75

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    Would it come as a shock to know that you can "want your team to win" without the constant drone of hateful discourse?
  3. CCBoy

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    I posted a thread about a year back, that started out with the topic: Is Jerry Jones really your huckleberry?...and the rest of the story.;)
  4. JPM

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    I'm not shocked and surprised by anything in here anymore.
  5. fortdick

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    But it isn't your team. It will never be your team or what you want it to be. Salary cap and realities of parity will be what they are.

    Do you believe that all the negativism that you put out here will change anything, other than make sthis board a depressing place?

    Jerry Jones is not going to sell the team.

    Jerry Jones is not going to give up the GM job.

    Jason Garrett is our coach and probably will be for a while longer.

    Tony Romo is our QB.

    These are the facts. Do you think that anyone that supports the team doesn't want them to win? Do you think that by complaining about the mangement and players will really effect what Jerry Jones does?

    Do you believe the cowboys will make the playoffs this year? I do. I hope every player on this team succeeds and I believe that the owner and coaching staff are dong all they can to win right now.

    I choose to believe in this team because they are the Dallas Cowboys. Complaining and bringing every down will not help them win. In fact, it can actually hurt.

    Explain to me why being negative will change anything.
  6. Woods

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    This is the most difficult thing that hard core fans do not appreciate.

    The management doesn't really care what the fan on a message board does or does not think, imo.
  7. M'Kevon

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    :clap2:Bravo, sir. Bravo.
  8. Risen Star

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    I don't see any hateful discourse. Just fans projecting who can play and who can't, who to keep and who to get rid of.

    For instance, I don't hate Doug Free but I sure do think he's overrated, over paid and needs to be off this roster ASAP.
  9. Kristen82

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    Get a life you nerd.
  10. fortdick

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    You may not see it as hateful discourse, but many of us do. If you do not mean to express hate, maybe a change in tone would help.
  11. Risen Star

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    Or maybe you can just not attempt to read into someone's remarks. Maybe not be so sensitive.

    I've seen a ton of guys come in here and express legitimate concerns about this team only to be branded "haters". Whatever that's supposed to mean. When in fact they are just as devoted to the team as anybody else.

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