Darnell Dockett Unveils Menacing Facemask...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by trickblue, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. trickblue

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    Darnell Dockett Unveils Scary New Facemask Inspired by Freight Train

    Darnell Dockett‘s new facemask/visor combo is something to behold. If opposing offensive linemen weren’t already intimidated by the three-time Pro Bowler, they may be now. Dockett unveiled his new facemask model, named the “Freight Train,” at the Arizona Cardinals’ FanFest at University of Phoenix Stadium on Tuesday night.

    The facemask model, made by Bad- Masks, according to Yahoo!, looks part-bug, part-Bane from The Dark Knight and part-freight train. It has 18 diagonal bars, six horizontal bars and one vertical bar down the middle. All of that, topped with a rainbow visor, makes for a very unique look.


  2. Risen Star

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    I think all visors should be clear so you can see your opponent's eyes. It's a big advantage to have your eyes hidden, IMO. Either they all have that advantage or none of them do.
  3. DallasCowpoke

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    I'll lay odds the commissioner's office puts restrictions on what is and what isn't an "acceptable" facemask posthaste.
  4. trickblue

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    Exactly... I thought you had to have permission from the NFL to wear a shield other than clear. I remember Jim McMahon had permission as he had a vision condition...

    I hope so... 'cause you know what's coming next. Everyone will want to design their own facemask...
  5. RastaRocket

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    I think it looks stupid, and I also thought that the NFL did have visor restrictions unless there was a medical reason.... :confused:
  6. jimmy40

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    seems like it would be unbelievably hot inside that thing.
  7. Kristen82

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    I imagine the lens part would fog up pretty quickly.
  8. Phoenix

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    Yup - advertisements on it :D
  9. WoodysGirl

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    DARNELL DOCKETT ‏@ddockett 49m 1 reason I love this game is bc I can inflict physical, bodily harm to another individual in an environment which it is morally acceptable😁
  10. jrumann59

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    Million dollar athletes, I am sure for a couple a grand they can get a doctor's note. Not to mention with new turf surfaces using the rubber pellets the ground is much more of hazard than it was so I am willing to bet management is complicit as well if their star players wants a visor.
  11. WV Cowboy

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    Anything to say, .. "look at me!"
  12. Future

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    On the flip side though, you could use your eyes to make the opponent think you are doing one thing, and then do another....like looking off the coverage or something.

    I think it really shouldnt matter, if guys want to wear visors, they should be able to wear visors. I dont think theres much advantage.
  13. Thatkidbob

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    I love that quote lol
  14. Nomad

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    Google Glass in the visor, to help him diagnose plays and whatnot.

    I think I would feel too claustrophobic in that thing, and it would get hot. You would end up taking it off all the time to see better or get some air.
  15. 187beatdown

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    I would need fog wipers on that thing.
  16. RoyTheHammer

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    I think he meant "socially acceptable". Hopefully, that new facemask prevents concussions.
  17. Muhast

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    I think this looks so stupid. Same with Ray Lewis, Ware's new facemask etc. Way too many bars.
  18. BAZ

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    It's terrible. Reminds me of Bumble bee in the new transformers movies.
  19. FiveRings

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    Tuck wore pretty much exactly this one too, minus the visor.
  20. dogberry

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    Would an Imperial Storm Trooper design be within NFL rules?

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