Dat's NFL future ???

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Nov 18, 2005.

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    Dat missing 3 games due to injury was first time in his career (I think) he has been out, and since his return he has been alternating w/Shanle since coming back. Before everybody jumps on me, I'm a Dat fan and thinks he's great but below comment by Mickey Spagnola in his Friday nite email questionaire left me with some questions: 1. Was Dat beatup simply because even Dat will get injuried some time & will miss games? or 2. Beatup is attributable to playing ILB in 3-4 defense? 3. If he ever becomes starter (or even while alternating) will he incur similar injuries again? Now if Dat's alternating playing time will sustain his career and if he okay with that, it is fine with me (for a while) cause he brings so much to the Cowboys. BUT can Cowboys continue to pay Dat as a starter next year if he is not and what about Burnett's development. Parcells said in PC 2-3 days ago that Burnett will move inside (but no indication whether that will happen this season or next year). So what happens if Dat decides in offseason to retire or asks to be traded to a team playing the 4-3. Anyway, here's Mickey's comment:

    . Mickey: Nguyen was really beat up before he missed those three games, to the point of contemplating retirement if you had read Brad Sham's column on him. Plus, Scott Shanle has played well, and in Bill Parcells' scheme of things, he wants to play as many players as possible. Sounds as if this rotation with Dat and Shanle will continue, unless one guy plays much better than the other.
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    ...... do hear that?.....it's the sound of nors posting a 100 words a minute...:D:D:D:D
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    BP said Burnett was moving inside?? Seems odd considering he's backing up both OLB spots....
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    Yeah... when did he say that?
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    I'm also curious about when BP said Burnett was moving inside.

    I've only seen maybe 3-4 games this year, but it seems like James is doing a very good job. I think Dat is still a good player in this D. I thought Shanle looked better than I expected the few times I'd seen him....so is there a glut of pretty good talent inside?

    I thought Burnett looked pretty good replacing Fujita a few series on Monday night. Even though I originally thought he was more of an inside guy, I wonder if Fujita is the player he's closest to being able to possibly outplay now.

    I really like how this D is shaping up even without my boy Burnett playing a major role. But I can't wait to see him in there more :dance2:
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    James has been the most consistant LB we've had. The only guy on that D who showed up against Philly, he had 9 tackles and 2 passes broken up in the 1st half. Remember the last Philly game, he made a great play in the end zone and forced them to take the FG. Ware has gotten all the hype, and he's been good, but James has been the most consistant. I like what Shanle has done.

    You can throw the Philly game out the window almost. The entire D didn't show up. The burst wasn't there from the D-Line, and when that happens, it snowballs through the entire defense. It all starts up front, and those guys didn't really show up.

    Burnett looked good when he was in there. Remember that play in the 1st Eagles game, where he knifed in to get the tackle for a loss on Westbrook right near the goalline. I think he will be a player soon enough. Alot of it may have to do with Parcells wanting to ease him in there. How safe would you really feel with yet another rookie out there. Plus he contributes on ST.

    Ware, Dat, James, Burnett/Fujita, I don't think that changes much this year and next. Fujita seemed alot better when he was sharing the load with Als, rather than playing almost all the defensive snaps. He doesn't seem to play in controll all the time, cought overpursuing, etc.

    Parcells feels really good about Dat, I think. But it may be that he is a stop gap player for someone like Burnett. I love Dat, hope he can continue to play at a high level, but in reality, the 3-4 needs big LB's. Weather it was an unfortunate event, or actually Dat getting worn down has yet to be seen. Dat is one of those guys who just makes plays. He quietly goes out there and makes alot of tackles. I'm not sure we need to get rid of him just yet
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    at a pc sometime last week bp said he wanted to see burnett move inside eventually

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