News: DC: Broaddus: Bernadeau, Smith Outstanding on O-Line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Aug 25, 2013.

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    The irony of your post is quite well done. congratulations
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    The run game was horrendous until the 2H. We were averaging under 3 YPC at HT. Far from a great performance for the OL.

    Pass protection was much better than the run blocking
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    thank you
  4. burmafrd

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    sadly we are so used to lousy O line play that when we get average to slightly above too many here gush.

    Free did MUCH better than I thought he would. for a position that from all indications he had NEVER played in a GAME of any kind before. BUT that does not make him or Bernie the second coming of LA. Which frankly some here have intimated (one notorious Pollyanna claimed that our O line pushed the Bungles D Line all over the place)
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    I don't think it's any secret that our run game looks immensely better with Leary in the mix. It's early, but he's probably our best run blocker
  6. TheCount

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    It's worth noting that Broaddus is a big fan of Bernadeau. He and Mickey think Bernadeau is the best guard we have and was much better than Livings last year.

    Not that they are neccesarily wrong, but those two were also saying there was no way the team should rely on Hatcher playing full time. That he wasn't that great and should only be a rotational player.
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    I hope your imagination is wrong because Bernie has been a liability since the front office made the bad decision to sign him, and Broaddus.....nevermind!
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    the best thing is the pocket is not collapsing for Romo and you can thank Tfred for that.
  9. Wezsh0T

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    Run blocking didn't look very good in the first half. However, we were able to pick up tough yards when we needed to. The run game doesn't have to be spectacular for us to win this year. It just has to be able to convert tough yards; like a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1.

    The pass blocking looked pretty decent. For the most part, Romo had the time he needed to throw.

    I think we need to be a pass to set up the run type of team rather than running to set up the pass. We just don't look very effective when we try to grind it out. However, at least we still mix in runs so the defense has to stay a little bit honest.
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    Smith-Leary-Fred-Free-Parnell. I'm in.
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    +1 on this
  12. Nirvana

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    looks like we all got that new guard we were asking for, and it's Free.
  13. cowboyz

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    I gotta research the tape

    Parnell vs bernadeau

    Like the saints I think it's easier for romo with a deficient tackle than a guard.

    He can easily sidestep the de, but pressure up the gut is tough
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  15. theebs

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    It's not my imagination.

    Mack being a terrible player is something the team does not agree with. They like him, I don't know if he would beat out Moore/waters if Leary is healthy but they like him.

    He has now shown he can play all 3 interior spots enough for the offense to run.

    Broaddus point all offseason has been not to listen to bloggers who are not qualified to break down line play....I.e. everyone's hero bob sturm.

    The team likes him and wants him healthy and practicing and playing everyday so he can improve.

    He is another an all pro or anything but he can function well enough for the offense to perform.

    Pretty apparent we are not going to run the ball that well this year already, just have to hope they keep getting a little better each week.
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  16. StonetheCrow77

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    I thought Free was a pretty good Band-Aid inside. We know he will have problems getting a huge push in the run game inside... but, he could be a huge upgrade in pass protection. That is IF he has to play.

    Parnell was a little rough around the edges at times, but that's to be expected.

    I thought the OL was ok. Romo stayed clean most of the night compared to last year. The run game had no punch.

    I truly hope they pick someone up off of waiver wires and get rid of some low tier players.... Arkin, Livings, etc.
  17. Ntegrase96

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    I don't know. I saw DL shooting gaps pretty easily last night on runs to the right. I don't think the guys were getting beat head up (like getting bullied around) but there seemed to be some growing pains and assignments missed. But in all fairness, this was a new look OL going against probably the best defensive line in the league.

    Also, did anyone else think that their NTs lined up in the neutral zone a lot?
  18. Fletch

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    Exactly. People are getting so bent out of shape over a PRESEASON GAME. It's merely preseason. The O-line looked alright, and can only get better as the season approaches. And here's another nugget of info, the O-line, barring injury, can get even better as the 2013-14 season wears on. :cool:
  19. The Quest for Six

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    if everyone was somewhat healthy, the offensive line would preferably look like, Smith, Leary,Frederick,Bernadeau,Free
  20. CowboyDiver

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    I think we are in no better position after last night than we were before it.

    We still have three decent linemen....Smith, Frederick and Free. It's just a balancing act of trying to figure out the arrangement where the other two linemen are less of an issue. Is it with Parnell at OT instead of Arkin at G? Or with Berny on the left and Leary on the right?

    Focus should be on the first half....when we really got nothing running to the left.....almost all of Tanner's good runs went to the right.

    Parnell was giving up way too much ground in the passing didn't end up hurting us much because Frederick did a good job of keeping space available for Romo to step up.

    Even Murray's success can be taken with a grain of salt because we had our starting OL against the Bengals backups.

    Funny how there is such a lack of paying attention to the situation when talking about how they played. Multiple times Tanner got met in the backfield and spun to get back to the line or gain a yard.

    The pass protection overall this preseason has been better than what we have seen the last few years. That is a positive. The run blocking has been so-so.

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