News: DC: Broaddus: How McClay Will Help Cowboys In Offseason

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Just about every week, there seems to be a few questions coming my way with people wanting to know more about Will McClay.

    He’s the assistant director of player personnel for the Cowboys, a role that he took on before the team left for Oxnard before the 2013 season.

    It was a nice promotion for a guy that is extremely hard working and prepared. What is different about McClay from the other guys that have sat in that chair, is that his background is more on the pro side of the ball. Guys like Larry Lacewell, Jeff Ireland and Tom Ciskowski were guys that went on the road to scout the college players.

    What I like about this change for the front office and coaches, is that McClay knows this league backwards and forwards. One of the key component in building your 53 man roster is knowing who you are playing. College scouts are

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    I like more and more of what I read about McClay.
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    im a glass half full person, but even I know the media guys are really hyping up McClay. I hope their belief is justified.
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    lets wait until after the draft. This is like people screaming, "The combine tests for everything man" To which i reply, "does it test heart?" Evidence and actions speak louder. The words are just from certain people with jobs. We wont know what this guy is about until we see the action.
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    Sounds good on paper.
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    "He has a keen understanding of how you find players that can handle the quickness out of the slot against the Giants or the edge rushers in Seattle or the offensive power of the 49ers."

    Something smells funny about that statement, It sounds like he's saying the guy can tell you who to pick to beat specific players in your division? That would be excellent 25 years ago but I'm not so sure that applies in the free agency era. I mean doesn't everyone want a fast slot guy these days? I think I'm callin BS on Broaddus this time. LOL
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    A good bridge that could alleviate some of the stress on directions...and all know already, that the veterans are where things start to change when a new season is rolled into. Now, there will be more unity in a vision of change along the lines of Scouts and Coaches. That part has to be relatively functional with improved communications that comes with this as well.
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    It's really incredible how flimsy their arguments are. McClay might be a good judge of talent, who knows, but don't try to sell us that Ciskowski or Ireland had no idea who the starters in our division were. That's absurd.
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    Well Broaddus in no writer. Even he knows that. I think the point that he and other media folks are suggesting to us is that he's a strong leader with a big voice and won't allow folks to be on different pages and working different agendas come draft time.

    At least that's my take on their spiel. It doesn't mean we have anything solid to go by, but I guess we'll know come draft time. *shrug*
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    The proof is in the pudding.

    Or, more appropriately, the secret's in the "sauce."
  11. Bullflop

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    It seems logical that someone with more experience in evaluating pro players rather than a college-type evaluator would have a legitimate advantage over the latter. At any rate, the die is cast with McClay and we'll see how this fella pans out. I did find it impressive seeing the results he got with our DL replacements last season, though. I hate to even consider the horrible efforts that we might have gotten without the reasonably decent performances from that parade of castoffs. McClay did well, IMHO.
  12. theebs

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    I sometimes wonder if people realize how long McClay has been here?
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    That's what I've been wondering. How many times do we need to change his title before his unique abilities translate into results for the organization?
  14. WoodysGirl

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    I know he's been around forever and has slowly worked his way up the food chain. It's clear the team respects his work, even if the fans know nothing about him.
  15. theebs

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    Seems almost identical to the situation in late 07, early 08 when the organization threw Ciskowski's name around. He had been here forever and had been passed over by Ireland via parcells..

    Then Ireland left and jerry and the local yocals presented ciskowski as the guy to save the franchise. It seems nearly identical.

    although their jobs are very different. Broaddus is right that ciskowski is a college scout essentially and goes on the road and visits pro days etc...

    I have always read McClay on the pro side and of course his involvement with the deserpadoes.
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  16. Gaede

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    That was a Sales piece.

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