News: DC: Broaddus: Like His Opinion Or Not; Spears Keeps It Real

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Apr 9, 2014.

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    There have been plenty of observations, both good and bad in regards to the comments made by former Dallas Cowboys defensive linemen, Marcus Spears during the Final Four basketball game at AT&T S...

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    "For people to take the stance that it is just sour grapes or bitterness on Spears part, really don’t know the man. Bitterness is the furthest thing from the truth. I have seen Marcus Spears with my own eyes, visiting with veteran and rookie players alike at his locker, in the training room and on flights during road trips. He was always in a discussion with his teammates. He was a respected source, that any player could draw experience from in just a short conversation. If there was a man that had the pulse of his team and teammates, it was Marcus Spears.

    I am not going to sit here and pretend to tell you that I knew what other players might have been invited to the game that Monday night, but what I will tell you, whether you choose to believe Marcus Spears or not, in his observation is real and truthful. Which comes from a player that lived the dynamic of the day to day life in a National Football League locker room and if he feels that what he saw Monday night in that suite could affect what players might be thinking, I would say this is not one of those situations that you take with just a grain of salt because I am not and neither should you."
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    Spears comments were all true. It's the reason why no coach really has a chance at Dallas as long as Jerry coddles certain players. This episode may or may not be an example of that but none the less, Jerry gives special treatment to his pet players. Always has since Jimmy left.
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    I'm sorry, but that's absolutely ridiculous. This position (and Spears) presupposes that (1) Jerry didn't invite anyone else/the others; (2) that a total head count was done of everyone in the suites/stadium (so they knew no other players on the team were there); (3) that no other owner does the same thing, but they will never no this because most owners are not followed and reported on like Jerry.

    By the way, God forbid that Jerry should treat his captains and star players to the very best money can buy? Why on earth would he do that?
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    You misunderstood my post. Jerry's a players owner and doesn't hold them accountable. That's my point. You rarely see the fire in the team that you see in other teams because most of the players know they're going to be safe no matter their performance.
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    Sorry if I misunderstood but I was basically commenting on Spears and Broadus' take. I just don't think they should make that leap from one "date" ... whether Marcus was a part of the team or not. They don't have enough evidence to put that out in the atmosphere like that. And you know the new-media is gonna jump all over it. By the way, I was proud to see Tony and the crew sitting in the same section as former Presidents. Marcus turned a good thing into something ugly.
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    this is true

    i think he jumped the gun and when he found out that demarcus and murray were also there, he did not want to backtrack

    also, better players will get treated better, if spears had turned out to be worth the 19th pick, he may have been in that box next to ware
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    So your point is that the only thing that motivates a professional football player to play the best he can is the fear of losing his job.
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    TFred was at the final four different day but he was there. But I guess that wouldn't further Spears agenda.
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    Where did I say "only"? I hate it when posters put out lies like that.
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