News: 2011 Draft Unlike Many Others

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    2011 Draft Unlike Many Others
    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas - From the moment Jason Garrett took over as the Cowboys' new head coach last November, there have been sweeping changes taking place at Valley Ranch.

    From the number of wins the team produced in the final eight games to the travel dress code to the hallways of the building that now have many colorful portraits celebrating the team's current and former players, things have definitely changed with Garrett's new title.

    And just maybe, we can throw in this past weekend's NFL Draft, his first in the new position.

    Of course, owner/GM Jerry Jones is still right in the middle of the action as always, but there were some significant changes this year, ones that at least suggest that Garrett has more say in the room - something Jones said would be the case when he officially hired him as head coach back in January....

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