News: 3 Phases: Broaddus Names MVPs On Each Side Of The Ball

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Sep 6, 2012.

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    3 Phases: Broaddus Names MVPs On Each Side Of The Ball

    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout


    Kevin Ogletree – There have been questions about who would be the third wide receiver. Ogletree’s ability to show toughness on slant routes and make contested catches was the difference in this game. He had struggled with consistency, but he made plays throughout the game.


    DeMarcus Ware – Much of the conversation before the game was about pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants, but Ware stole the headlines. Ware was outstanding with his pressure and ability to play the run at the point of attack. The Cowboys needed a big day of him harassing Manning, and they got it.

    Special Teams

    Chris Jones – The new guy was outstanding on his two punts. Both were high and angled perfectly to be caught near the sideline. With a long punt of 60 yards and an average of 54, Jones forced the Giants to start at their own 13- and 16-yard lines.
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    KO surprised a lot of us naysayers last night.

    I admit I didnt have much confidence in him being our #3 WR.

    However, he made some nice plays.

    He deserves a heart felt 'Atta Boy' and we just might have to let him live.

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    It appears being Dallas' numero 3 wideout is a great career launching opportunity.:D

    Wouldn't be surprised if Laurent Robinson goes back into obscurity in Jacksonville, let's be honest, when Dez Bryant and Miles Austin (who had the catch of the game) play the outside then that slot man has great opportunity. Especially with Witten on the field.

    Much like Alvin Harper shone on a field across from Irvin and roamed by Novacek, an above average receiver can look like a great one in the Cowboy offense.
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    The Tree showed up and spread its branches

    If he can keep it up then we truly will say 'Laurent who?'
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    Demarco might have scored if he had not cut inside on that long run....I'm not sure what made him not stay on the outside and continue running.

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    Might have to give it to Lee on D
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    Maybe Oletree's career will follow the same path as Miles': showing early promise, floundering for a few years, and then BOOM.
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    Jones did a really good job on the directional punting and I am sure others noticed that Silva was doing a great job getting down on those punts as the gunner too. Nice to see hungry players out there.
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    I'm giving Ryan Cook an award for not being noticed.
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    I might add, that a third receiver under a Tony Romo run offense seems to do very well in Dallas. Miles Austin started as a #3. Multiple receivers thrive in a Jason Garrett run offense.

    My hat is off to Kevin Ogletree...way to stand UP, and in a very high profile occasion!

    I also can't wait until Jason Witten is again fully functional now...all defenses won't be has handicapped in their secondaries, as was the Giants last night.

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